Zimbabwe: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 2)




Zimbabwe is one of Africa’s 54 beautiful nations. Recently, PPcorn released an article revealing a lot of facts that most people don’t know about it. Today, we’re going to delve deeper into the nation that really more people should understand.

Number Eight: Sadza Is a Thing

Zimbabwe’s national dish is known as sadza. The dish is made of relish and cornmeal and is enjoyed by many. It is as regularly eaten as are potatoes for people in the United Kingdom, or that rice is for many Asian populations.

Number Seven: Life Expectancy Is Short

Unfortunately, the average life expectancy of people who live in Zimbabwe is rather short. Neither men or women are expected to live past the age of 40. This is attributed to starvation and disease.

Number Six: Zimbabwe Is Not Too Populated

Although it is indeed similar in size to Japan, its population is completely different. This African nation only holds about 13 million people, which is less than the entirety of Los Angeles!

Number Five: It Has a Racist Past

There is a sad trend in African nations: European settlers dominate and discriminate over indigenous populations. In the case of Zimbabwe, colonial laws made it possible for whites to claim the best land for themselves, leaving the people with land that could barely be cultivated for food and water.

Number Four: Zimbabwe Is the Home of Victoria Falls

One of the most stereotypically incorrect things about Africa out there is that the continent is mostly hot and dry. Of course, with many misconceptions, this is not true. Zimbabwe itself is the home of Victoria Falls, one of the most beautiful, watery sights on earth. This huge waterfall rivals Niagara falls in its size: its total height is 355 ft.

Number Three: It Has a Gold Mining Museum

Thankfully, there are positive things which can be found for the Zimbabwean people, which resides within their Gold Mining Museum. This  Kwekwe-based museum gives people an insight to their gold mining industry.

Number Two: It’s in the Bible

King Solomon, a biblical figure, was understood to have brought many precious items such as gold and ivory to his homeland. The origin of these items is a place known as Ophir, which is, of course, now Zimbabwe.

Number One: It has Crazy Bird Carvings

In the quest to learn more about our past as human beings, people have excavated interesting old human art. At least, we can assume it’s art. Carved into soapstone exists eight mysterious bird carvings. Scientists have said that this is an example of caveman art.

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