Zimbabwe: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 1)




Zimbabwe is one of Africa‘s glorious countries with a rich history and culture. And yet, many people do not know much of the country. Here are some wonderful facts about this nation you probably didn’t know. Stay tuned for part 2, coming soon!

Number Fifteen: Its Currency is American

Despite being an African country, Zimbabwe’s currency is American. That’s right: this nation uses the dollar on a day to day basis. That’s globalization for you.

Number Fourteen: It’s Highly Unemployed

As beautiful the nation is, unfortunately, its people are extremely poor. Of all the people that live in the nation, only 5 percent of its people are employed. Hopefully, more awareness of the strife of such countries will bring justice to this land.

Number Thirteen: It’s the Home of Ancient Human History

Zimbabwe is known for a plethora of things, but one of the most fascinating is its human history. Some of the earliest human remains – which date back 500,000 years – have been found here.

Number Twelve: The Portuguese Were the First Europeans on the Land

The first Europeans to come across Zimbabwe were actually Portuguese traders. They came into the land looking for new materials to send back to their land. Since their travels, many other Europeans such as Englishmen have made their own trips there.

Number Eleven: Its Name Means Stone

Zimbabwe is the name of the country, but it also means something in the nation’s native language. In the Shona language, the word itself means “House of stone” symbolizing the country’s strength.

Number Ten: Zimbabwe isĀ an Exceptionally Young Nation

Although people have lived in this nation for a long time, as it is known today is quite the young nation. Before it was Zimbabwe it was known as Southern Rhodesia, and after civil disputes became known as it is now in 1963.

Number Nine: They’re Soccer Fans

The people of Zimbabwe love sports like any other nation in the world. The people’s absolute favorite sport is soccer. If you’re anywhere else in the world besides America, of course, it’s known as football.

This small nation is full of light and history. Stay tuned for part 2 of this article, coming soon!

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