Your iPod: 15 Amazing Things You Didn’t Know (Part 2)



We really surprised you with our first set of seven amazing things you didn’t know about your very own iPod in part one, and now we have returned with part two! This Apple creation was a hit from the very start, and absolutely revolutionized the way that we see personal technology today. To discover the top eight most amazing things that you didn’t know about your iPod on our list, all you have to do is keep on reading!

Number Eight: The Mass Success

As you are probably aware, the iPod has encountered years of record-breaking success. In fact, it gained popularity faster than any other tech device in history. By 2006, five years after the product’s release, the device had sold more than 41 million units in total.

Number Seven: The Sound Range

iPods are renowned for their intense listening capabilities, one of which is reaching a maximum volume of 120 decibels. However, you shouldn’t exactly test this feature if you live in France. In France, it is actually illegal to play the music on your device louder than 100 decibels.

Number Six: The Price of a Masterpiece

Needless to say, it doesn’t take quite as much money to make an iPod as consumers will pay for it. That being said, the most expensive part of your device is actually the most fragile as well: the touch screen. On average, it takes about $35 to manufacture this piece (but somehow $135 to replace a broken one).

Number Five: The Capacity

These days, iPods are most often seen to bear an impressive 8-24GB of internal memory, which somehow still seems like too little storage. Count your blessings, because the very first iPod released in 2001 came with a mere 5GB of memory.

Number Four: Improving Connectivity

Until the release of the second generation iPod in 2002, these devices were compatible for use with solely Apple Macintosh computers. Finally, thanks to the prayers of iPod-coveting Windows users, the device finally attained compatibility with Windows computers.

Number Three: The Importance of USB

When USB technology finally hit the shelves, the iPod became a universally popular device. Thanks to this particular wire link, the software for this line of music players became more easily accessible to a wider range of users. Now, a free installation of iTunes is available to all computer types, and anyone may sync their downloads through the software.

Number Two: Introducing iTunes

Thanks to the fixing of these primary connectivity problems, iTunes has made the Apple line of products flourish more than ever. It didn’t take long for Apple to work out these kinks, either. The first edition of the iTunes software was available by the year 2003, two years after the iPod’s release.

Number One: The Most Expensive iPod

iPods are often known to be one of the most expensive luxuries on the market, but the most expensive one in the world will cost you quite a bit more than what the average consumers dishes out. The device is deemed to be the iDiamond, made of purely 18-karat white and pink gold with earphones to match. Did we mention it was encrusted with 430 diamonds? That’s kind of the best part. We hope you enjoyed discovering the 15 amazing things that you didn’t know about your iPod!

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