Your iPod: 15 Amazing Things You Didn’t Know (Part 1)



The creation of this handheld device has revolutionized personal use technology for the modern day, and we are finally here to give you the full scoop on your very own iPod! Whether you have always been a diehard Apple fan or just recently made the switch, we have found all of the most pressing information that you are going to want to know about your device. Don’t forget to come back for our part two article, coming soon to reveal the top eight most amazing things that you didn’t know about your iPod!

Number Fifteen: The Biggest-Booming Music Player

We probably aren’t the first ones to break this to you, but the iPod is by far the best-selling and most popular music player in all of history. This particular device debuted in 2001 and has been revolutionizing music technology since.

Number Fourteen: Apple Support Wasn’t Very Supportive

When the device came out, Apple was notorious for its awful customer service. A single call to Apple support for problems with your iPod was included in the 90-day included warranty, but if you wanted to contact them after that point, the call would have run you about $49. All about the business.

Number Thirteen: The First Games

Since the extension of capabilities made possible with the modern iPhones, phone games have become a luxury often taken for granted by modern technology. Once upon a time, the appearance of a game on a portable device was considered revolutionary. The first game ever to appear on a music-playing device was featured on the first iPod in 2001, and was a very simple application called “Brick”. As technology progressed, so did the digital gaming options.

Number Twelve: The Ultimate Success of the iPod

As the popularity of the iPod music player increased over the years, we watched a wide variety of Apple speaker-enabled products designed specifically for use with the device circulate over the shelves. Some of them were really amazing and inventive products, but some seemed a bit too out of the box. For example, the household vacuum that also served a purpose as an iHome. Too far, guys.

Number Eleven: Battery Life

Apple devices are notorious for their ever-diminishing battery life, but the company claims to be working towards the improvement of this issue. The first edition of the iPod claimed to have a maximum charge of up to eight hours; however, it warned in the fine print that this would vary among devices. By the fourth generation, they claimed to hold a charge for up to 40 hours.

Number Ten: Battery Potential

We have all been frustrated about how little battery life our devices can really live up to, but have you ever wondered how long your battery would last if you don’t use it? Oddly enough, the battery will keep the device running for about 14-28 days when left idle.

Number Nine: More Potential

So we have covered the battery life for spontaneous use and idle sitting, but what about continuous music playing? Don’t worry, we have the facts for that one, too. If you were to be in need of a continuous stream of music flowing into your brain for an extended period of time, the iPod has got you covered for about 8-20 hours. Don’t forget to come back for our part two article, coming soon to reveal the top eight most amazing things that you didn’t know about your iPod!

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