Your Go-To Guide To Buying Oak Furniture



With such a wide variety of furniture on the market today, choosing new pieces for your home can seem like a mission impossible, to say the least. You may feel like you have paced too many shop floors to remember, scoured numerous websites and are still no closer to making a decision! Don’t give up just yet! We’ve prepared your go-to guide to selecting oak furniture.

The Battle Between Tradition And Fashion

Every few months we see new fashion trends hitting the furniture market, and while the general style tends to stay the same, there are certainly some creative ideas that may initially seem perfect for your home. It is important to remember that fashion tends to be ‘in one day and out the next’. What might look modern and trendy now may not have the same appeal in a few years from now. If you stick to a design which airs on the traditional side, your home will look amazing, both now, and in the years to come.

Know Your Budget

Decide on your budget for oak furniture in advance. Many people make the wrong presumption that oak furniture isn’t worth the money. Certainly solid oak furniture can be expensive in comparison to softwood counterparts, however there is much truth in the old adage, ‘you get what you pay for’. In terms of quality and durability, solid oak furniture comes in at the top of the list.

One way to analyze things is like this: should I pay £500 on furniture that has at least a 10 year life, or do I opt to spend £200 on something that is only going to see a few years, then need replaced. (For me, the choice is an easy one). If your budget simply will not stretch to solid oak furniture, then you could consider less expensive oak furniture options, such as items with veneered panels, such items will still guarantee a good level of quality, but will keep the price down at the same time.

Know Your Room Size

We all know those awkward moments; the delivery man has arrived with our new piece of furniture, but it won’t fit in the room, embarrassing to say the least! Before you make any purchase, make sure you do all your calculations, dimensions are not only important for delivery, but also to ensure the new piece of furniture is a good size fit for the feel and style of your home. Think about the shape and size of the room which will hold the new piece of furniture and ask yourself whether it will take over the room rather than add to it, e.g trying to cram a super-king bed into a small double room!

Quality Is Key

Hunt for oak furniture which is of a high quality. Make sure that you are getting what you are paying for by checking that the furniture is of a high quality solid oak. When visiting a furniture showroom, ask the sales assistant for details on the manufacture of the item, in addition pay special attention to the finish, fittings, fixtures and grain. For online purchases, read all the appropriate information and ask the company as many questions as you see fit, it may include how the furniture was built, or any other relevant information that will help you feel sure the item you are purchasing is a high quality oak piece that will adorn your home for years to come.

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