Your Beard: 15 Things Your Dad Didn’t Tell You (Part 2)



Our part one article on the first set of seven things that your dad didn’t tell you about your beard really filled you in on everything you were missing out on. If you enjoyed learning these grooming lessons, just wait until you see part two! Finally, we have brought you the final top eight things that your dad didn’t tell you about your beard!

Number Eight: Lincoln’s Beard

The iconic beard that adorned the face of Abraham Lincoln was actually grown in response to advice the man had received from an 11-year-old girl. She claimed that his face was thin and would look much better with a beard. Thus, he became America’s first bearded president.

Number Seven: The Sexualized Theory

For many years now, scientists have been theorizing the reasoning behind growing beards. At some point in history, it became widely accepted that men with beards were seen as sexy. So basically, the art of beards only exists because it is seen as sexually attractive.

Number Six: No-Shave November

In retrospect, the movement of No-Shave November was poorly planned. Beards are physiologically seasonal and experience their prime growth in March. They experience the most shedding in January, and November approaches this time.

Number Five: A Sign of Honor

In the ancient days of Sparta, the Greek saw a beard as a symbol of honor. To discredit the soldiers that were considered to be cowards, the beards of these men were chopped off in a humiliating public display.

Number Four: The Sacred Art

We often see beards as a secular facial adornment, however in many parts of the world, they are a sacred act of devotion. Certain religions, like Islam and Sikhism, grow their facial hair to “embrace their true form”, and bring them closer to their god.

Number Three: The Shaving Myth

It is often said that beards will grow faster if you shave them, but this isn’t exactly true. Not only are you starting from scratch when you shave, but you are also technically slowing the growth process.

Number Two: The Statistics

In terms of professionalism, it may be more beneficial to pass on the facial hair. On the Forbes list of the 100 Richest Men in the World, an impressive 98 percent are completely clean-shaven.

Number One: Making it Grow

If you are exceptionally eager to step up your beard game, there are steps you can take to make your facial hair grow faster. Although, you aren’t going to like them. Scientifically speaking, the hair of a beard will actually grow faster if the individual refrains from sexual activity for a while. We hope you enjoyed exploring our list of the 15 things that your dad didn’t tell you about beards!

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