The X Factor: 15 Interesting Facts (Part 2)



Recently we brought you part one of this list of facts about the popular TV showThe X FactorWe found out that Simon is just as mean, if not meaner than previously assumed. Here is part two of the article.

Number Eight: Eurovision Connections

Andy Abraham, who appeared in the second season of the show, represented Britain in the Eurovision Song Contest. Jedward from the sixth series represented Ireland, and Ruth Lorenzo from the fifth season went on to represent Spain.

Number Seven: Chloe Jasmine

You may remember her from the 11th season, where she made it to the live finals. But she also auditioned before this for the third series. In addition, she has been on the show The Face before her time on The X Factor.

Number Six: Multiple Entrances

Sometimes, when the people auditioning walk in to be judged by the panel, they don’t do it quite right the first time. It has been reported that, at times, they are made to re-do their entrances multiple times.

Number Five: Jess Glynne

When she was only 15 years old, Glynne was selected by producers of the show. They asked her to audition, but she turned down the chance.

Number Four: Cheering for Two Hours

If you’ve watched this show, you’ve seen the cheering crowd. It’s been said that at the first audition stage, they are asked to cheer for two hours (to be filmed) before they are allowed inside the building.

Number Three: The X Factor Banners

Members of the crowd have reported that producers of the series have handed out banners to people and asked them to wave them around. The banners usually say something like “I have The X Factor”.

Number Two: Backstories for Contestants

When people are applying to appear on the show, researchers look into their family histories before they are allowed to see the judges. Emotional questions are specifically designed in order to create compelling backstories for people auditioning.

Number One: 51 Versions of the Show

The show is not only a hit in the UK. In fact, 51 different versions of The X Factor exist around the world. We hope you enjoyed part two of our list.

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