WTF: 15 Crazy Facts You Didn’t Know (Part 2)



We got ourselves drooling at the weird WTF facts about some interesting scenarios in part one of this article, and now it’s time to get our minds blown with some more facts in this part two. Check it out for yourself below!

Number Seven: When You Eat a Cucumber, You’re Not Really Eating Much

If you’re a fan of eating cucumbers, then you might be interested in knowing that a cucumber is actually 95% water. This is true for a lot of fruits and vegetables, but especially so for cucumbers.

Number Six: We Can Yank Out Half of Your Brain And You’ll Still Be Fine

You might think that removing a small part of someone’s brain could kill or paralyze them, but that’s not actually how it turns out. In fact, half of the human brain can be surgically removed without causing any loss of memory or personality glitches.

Number Five: There’s Something Between Johnny Depp And Barbie Dolls

Just when you thought you’re done with some crazy celebrities, here comes another one. It’s about Johnny Depp. Apparently, he’s always on the move to collect as many Barbie dolls as he can!

Number Four: You Consume 90,000 Miles Of DNA In Just One Meal

Ever heard of DNA strands? Well, turns you eat as much as 90,000 miles of them during an average meal. What a fact!

Number Three: A Slug Has Its Anus ‘Fixed’ On Its Head

You can talk all you want about backs and behinds, but you somehow don’t want to talk about the anus. Now, what if it was actually on the head instead of the back? Well, it’s true about slugs. They have their anus on their head!

Number Two: The Paint on The Eiffel Tower Weighs How Much?

Sometimes, you just can’t help but want to know how heavy some things are. So, how heavy is all that paint on the Eiffel Tower? It weighs about the same as 10 elephants.

Number One: Chinese Checkers Isn’t Really Chinese – WTF

You see a game, and you’re intrigued, so you want to know where it came from. One game people love is called the Chinese Checkers. Well, this game was invented in Germany!
It’s OK to admit that the above facts have really boggled your mind. Stay on the site and check around for more smile-inducing articles!

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