WTF: 15 Crazy Facts You Didn’t Know (Part 1)



There are those very interesting scenarios that you get to know about and you just let the jaws drop. But just when you thought you’ve known it all, we come along with this nice list of the 15 most WTF facts you’ve never known. Here’s part one. Part two is coming soon!

Number Fifteen: There’s Something Baffling About The University of Minnesota

We have the University of Minnesota, and then we have the state of Minnesota. Interestingly, the University of Minnesota is older than the state of Minnesota!

Number Fourteen: The Most Active Volcano Is In Antarctica

Turns out, one of the most dangerous places to be on Earth is Antarctica, which is home to the most active volcano in the world that throws out crystals. The ‘WTF’ of this fact comes with learning that the U.S Research Center is in the same area!

Number Thirteen: You Need 2,900 Gallons Of Water to Make Just One Pair Of Jeans

Looks like we might end up drying up all the oceans to make our trousers. To make a single pair of jeans, it takes 2,900 gallons of water!

Number Twelve: There Are More Rainbow Colors Than Stars in the Universe

Just when you thought everything was too much already, you suddenly realize that the great number of stars in the universe is actually less than the number of colors in a rainbow. In fact, a rainbow has more colors than the atoms in the human body!

Number Eleven: More Than 450 Males In The US Succumb To Breast Cancer Every Year

It might seem like a joke because you know that males have no breasts (in the traditional sense). But breast cancer is really roasting our men over here with 450 deaths in a year!

Number Ten: The Word ‘Soccer’ Isn’t Even American, And Its ‘Inventors’ Have No Use For It

Over here, we call it soccer, while over there in Europe and much of the world, they call it football. But so weird is the fact that it’s the British who coined the word at the close of the 1800s, yet they don’t use it in their country. Did we steal the name?

Number Nine: There’s Actually No ‘Yes’ Or ‘No’ References In Latin And Irish – WTF

If you’re planning to turn down or agree to something in Latin or Irish, then you’re in big trouble. These two languages have no words for “Yes” or “No.”

Number Eight: El Salvador Went to War With Honduras Over a Soccer Game

Back in 1969, Honduras played a soccer match with El Salvador. They won, and guess what? El Salvador started a war because they lost the match! The astonishing facts you’ve just read are part of a larger collection. Stay tuned for part two of the article, coming soon!

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