Worms: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 2)




Worms are so tiny and seemingly insignificant that people usually don’t see them or think much of them. They’re certainly interesting. Here are more facts about worms that most people don’t know.

Number Eight: They Are Lungless

Like everything which has life on this earth, worms need to breathe. Having said this, they don’t have lungs. Instead, their skin is their conduit through which air travels. That’s pretty crazy!

Number Seven: Rain Can Be Dangerous for Worms

These ground-dwellers need to go to the surface when it rains so that they get enough oxygen (that they would otherwise get from the soil. If they don’t come up fast enough, they will die. This honestly sounds quite horrifying.

Number Six: Their Eyes Save Their Lives

Worms have no eyes to see with, but they can sense light. They must be in complete darkness as much as they can because sunlight dries out their skin where they can no longer breathe. They can also get paralyzed, then quickly die.

Number Five: Worms Are Old

These creatures have been around for a very long time. Fossils have shown use that they’ve been around for at least 65 million years old.

Number Four: Water, With No Ice Please

Worms have been known to be in every type of location. The holy continent they don’t reside is Antarctica. In addition, they’ve been found to live in oceans themselves, which is sort of crazy if you think about it.

Number Three: They Don’t Have Long Lives

These creatures don’t ever really live for a long time. Usually, after one to two years, they’ll just die. However, there are some worms that can live for nearly 10 years. That must be an interesting existence.

Number Two: They’re a Good Sign

As long as there are worms in the soil, it is a sign that our planet as vital. Not having them would suggest a lifeless planet (or one to be). In other words, as long as there’s plenty of them in the soil, then there’s hope!

Number One: They’re a Delicacy

People eat different things in different places around the world. And in some places, these people eat these creatures. That isn’t something that many Americans would try, that’s for sure.

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