World’s Top 6 Rising Cities for Artsy People



Paris, Berlin, Los Angeles, London, San Francisco and New York are, usually, the top choices for crafty people who want to make a career out of their creative skills. On this list, we will suggest a few established and emerging off-the-radar cities that stand out in the art scene—one from each continent. Whether you enjoy photography, painting, music, or anything in between, these are the places to be in 2016 for artsy people.

Number Six: New Orleans

The birthplace of jazz music has been an artistic source of inspiration for decades. The Old and New World influences and the uniqueness of its architecture bring out the creative side in every person. New Orleans has the most number of art dealers per capita in the U.S., and it’s home to a vast collection of galleries, theatres and museums.

Number Five: Melbourne

Australia’s second largest city is often named as one of the most livable places in the world—it’s safe, sunny and vibrant. Graffiti artists will find a home in Melbourne, which is extraordinarily welcoming of street art. Hosier Lane, in the city’s business district, is the artistic epicenter of the country, with virtually every wall sprayed in colorful illustrations.

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Number Four: Lagos

Johannesburg and Lagos are largely recognized as Africa’s top cultural hubs. Art connoisseurs believe Lagos will be one of the main creative capitals of the world in the near future. Several galleries and museums can be found in the city, although street artistry is the best way to discover Nigeria’s contemporary culture.

Number Three: Beirut

The Lebanon’s capital Beirut is experiencing a thriving, fast-expanding art scene. Visitors walking around the old, narrow streets of the small Mediterranean city will come across hundreds of dynamic art studios, galleries and crafts shops.

Number Two: Barcelona

The coastal Spanish city is a prime artistic getaway. Gaudí’s architecture and Dalí’s paintings are more than enough to make the surreal art lover feel at home. Barcelona is one of the main advertising and visual arts centers in Europe, and one of the best cities for startups internationally.

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Number One: Artsy Valparaíso

The seaside city of Valparaíso, nicknamed ‘The Jewel of the Pacific,’ is the cultural capital of Chile, and a piece of art on itself. Awe-inspiring open-air artwork flourishes at every street, on staircases, alleyways, windows… you name it. The local government of Valparaíso funds and promotes street art (illegal everywhere else in the country) and even offers guided tours to discover the best of Valpo’s local art. Thanks for reading!

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