Winston Churchill: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 2)



We surprised you with our first set of seven things you didn’t know about Winston Churchill in our part article, but just wait until you see part two! This former British Prime Minister was a remarkable figure in the history of the world, and we have the scoop on all of the juicy facts the media doesn’t tell you! Read on to discover our final top eight things that you didn’t know about Winston Churchill!

Number Eight: American Roots

Though many people don’t know this, Churchill has some American roots in him. Because it was common in the late 19th century for a well-to-do British aristocrat to marry an American heiress, the man’s mother was actually from Brooklyn. She moved to Marlborough to live with her husband, where she stayed for the rest of her life.

Number Seven: School Trouble

Remarkably, the event that transformed his life almost never occurred: military school. Churchill was never considered to be rather skilled in his studies and struggled with many subjects. In applying to the Royal Military College, he failed the entrance test twice. The third time proved to be the charm after he had some tutoring help.

Number Six: Rising to Fame

Even political figures have a sort of “big break” that gets them to be recognized and adored, and Churchill’s was his great prison camp escape. While serving as an officer and war correspondent in South Africa, enemies deemed Boers ambushed his train. The team was imprisoned, but Churchill escaped the camp by scaling a wall and eventually returning to South Africa.

Number Five: Winston Churchill Didn’t Like Gandhi

Here we always thought that everyone liked Gandhi. Churchill wasn’t at all fond of India and especially didn’t like Gandhi. He claimed to disbelieve that the man actually had the morals he claimed to. In his day, Churchill even said he believed Gandhi was a “Middle Temple lawyer.”

Number Four: The Winning Streak

The man became exceptionally famous in his time, mainly for his moving and ingenious speeches. The weirdest part, are of the amazing speeches were concentrated into just a few months’ time. Most of his most iconic speeches were performed at the beginning of his position as Prime Minister in 1940 when the nation needed encouragement to get through World War II.

Number Three: Out of Office

Though Churchill is seen today as a great leader, Britain had a different candidate in mind in 1945. Churchill lost the election to retain his position, but he walked away gracefully. In 1951, he came back to office and led for as long as he could.

Number Two: The Iron Curtain

Surprisingly, Winston Churchill is responsible for coining the term “iron curtain”. The concept was first introduced in his 1946 speech, claiming that this curtain separates the levels of Moscow’s control over Europe. Since he first used the term, it immediately caught popularity in Western culture.

Number One: He Was a Klutz

We could say that Churchill was wild, carefree, and lived life to the fullest (which is true), but mostly he was a big klutz. This often led to his demise, as proven by the aforementioned hit-by-a-car incident. He also got a concussion and ruptured kidney as a child… after he jumped off a bridge. I mean, if everyone’s doing it, right? We hope you enjoyed learning the 15 things that you didn’t know about Winston Churchill!

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