Winston Churchill: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 1)



Amit Shimoni
Amit Shimoni

Winston Churchill was a remarkable man, in and out of his political office. Despite the vast media attention and historical reputation this former British Prime Minister has received, many of us don’t know the surprising and wild details of this man’s life! We have finally come to fill you in on all of the juicy secrets about Churchill’s life. Don’t forget to check back for our part two article, coming soon with the top eight things that you didn’t know about Winston Churchill!

Number Fifteen: His Cover-Up

It is widely believed that Churchill was the genius behind an ultimately-successful covering of a UFO encounter. During World War II, a squadron of British military ships reported having had an encounter with a “hovering metal disc” that had followed the planes, and had their proof on film. Fearing the panic during the intense wartime, Churchill classified the report for as long as 50 years for the sake of the country.

Number Fourteen: Winston Churchill Was Hit by a Car

Completely on accident, though, and he took the blame for it. Used to the British traffic system, Churchill accidentally looked the opposite way before crossing a road in New York. He was hit by the car, and even dragged for a bit on the rough road. However, he blamed the incident on his “own blundering”, and felt so bad the he had inconvenienced the driver that he had him visit his hospital room.

Number Thirteen: Hitting the Charts

During his unique lifetime, Churchill actually released two albums in the music industry. His albums, The Voice Of and Reach for the Skies, featured a handful of the man’s most moving speeches set to the stylings of the Royal Air Force’s official band. After his death, his musical endeavors climbed to rank at number four on the British Pop album charts.

Number Twelve: The Nobel Prize

Most people are familiar with Churchill’s receipt of the Nobel Prize, but many people mistakenly believe that it is for his valiant efforts during World War II. The prize is, in fact, for literature, and it took him quite a while to get his hands on it. The Nobel committee was reluctant to give him the award, mostly because his most notable work was a historical documentation. By 1953, they finally praised him for his six-volume history The Second World War for his exaltation of human values.

Number Eleven: The Iconic Cigar

In a wide majority of the pictures taken of Winston Churchill, he is seen smoking his iconic cigars. Today, cigars even bear the name of this celebrity smoker. His love for the art of cigars was so deep that he didn’t often smoke brand-name smokes, but instead had a personal blend made especially for him only. When he did smoke brands, he would opt for Romeo Y Julieta or Camachos.

Number Ten: The Threat on the Cigar

As surprising as it is, Churchill picked up his smoking habit when he was only 15 years old. His mother was wildly against the habit (as any mother would be), and did everything she could to break him from the habit. She even tried to convince him to quit for six months for the promise of a gun and a pony. The intelligent teen took that offer.

Number Nine: The Other Vice

Being a man who prefers to enjoy the finer things in life, Churchill was also very passionate about luxurious spirits. He often partook in drinking and had the best taste for it. His choice liquors were Johnny Walker Red scotch and vintage Hine brandy. Don’t forget to check back for our part two article, coming soon with the top eight things that you didn’t know about Winston Churchill!

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