What Health Benefits Do Indoor Fountains Offer?




Indoor water fountains have become incredibly popular in recent years and there are a number of reasons why. See below to figure out why their popularity has expanded.

Indoor Fountains Produce White Noise

Does the hum of your refrigerator annoy you? Does traffic outside keep you awake at night? If so there are many options to help drown out these noises. Some people opt for noise cancelling earplugs; however, these can prevent you hearing the phone ring or your child crying. Others opt to use sleep medications to help them fall asleep. Unfortunately, these medications can be addicting and can leave you feeling groggy. Others turn to white noise soundtracks or classical music to try to drown out these sounds. These can be distracting and can prevent you from going to sleep.

The sound of running water, on the other hand, is soothing, relaxing and calming. Think of sitting on the beach or beside a waterfall. Remember how relaxing it was and how it drowned out the noises in the area. An indoor water fountain will provide the same type of noise that waterfalls and the ocean create. Studies have shown that the rhythmic sound of running water is soothing and helps people focus.

Air Purification

The air quality in homes often contains dust, bacteria and pollutants that can endanger one’s health. Home appliances, including your refrigerator and television release positive ions into the air. Air purifiers release negative ions and clean the air; however, these machines are typically loud and bulky. They can make it difficult to hear the television, household members must talk in a louder voice to be heard over the noise and the constant roar can become obnoxious.

Negative ions are found near bodies of water, including mountains streams, rivers and oceans. In addition to this, indoor fountains create negative ions. Indoor water fountains are not bulky and loud. Instead, they produce calming white noise while cleaning the air and putting negative ions into the home’s atmosphere.

Finally, indoor water fountains capture dust in the air and trap it in the water. This results in reduced allergens and purer air. Indoor water fountains also increase humidity levels within the home, which help to keep bronchial passages moisturized and reduce dry, hacking coughs.

Stress Reduction

Humans love the sound of running water. Many believe this love comes from prehistoric times when running water meant survival. Others believe it is due to being inside the womb where the foetus is surrounded by amniotic fluid. No matter the reason, some report that running water increases the levels of serotonin in humans. Serotonin is a hormone that provides feelings of happiness and joy.

Finally, the sound of running water from rivers, streams, waterfalls and waves are found on almost every relaxation soundtrack on the market. An indoor fountain produces soothing sounds that help relieve stress, increases introspection and facilitates a restful night’s sleep.

As you can see, there are many reasons why you should consider getting an indoor water fountain for your home. It helps promote relaxation, improve indoor air quality and helps you breathe easier.

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