Wells Fargo: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 2)




Our part one article really informed you with the first seven things that you need to know about banking with Wells Fargo, and we have finally returned with part two! This bank is becoming a revolutionary and wide-spread option for your banking needs, and we are here to give you the details! Read on to discover the top eight facts that you didn’t know about Wells Fargo!

Number Eight: Environmentally Friendly Wells Fargo

Since 1886, roughly 31 years after their start, this institution has been taking steps to make our world more environmentally friendly. They pride themselves in having a company responsible for over a century of saving trees by recycling paper.

Number Seven: Progress Pioneers

Before any other bank today, Wells Fargo introduced online banking as early as 1995. By 2005, they became the first to offer online money-management services as well. They have proven to be a pioneer in the way of banking to fit the mobile and computer-based needs of the modern day.

Number Six: Super Convenient

Over the past few years, consumers have watched Wells Fargo locations sprout up like wildfire over the nation. Because of this, the company can proudly claim that they now have ATM locations within two miles of more than half of America’s population.

Number Five: Better for Business

Not only is this bank one of the most popular destinations for personal financial needs, they are also number one in the world of small businesses. In the United States, it is estimated that more than 10% of all small businesses go through this company for their financial needs.

Number Four: The Stats

This bank has boomed in the past few years and for very good reason. It has become known as the most popular and renowned banking institution in the nation, being the owner of 9,000 total stores over all 50 states, and maintaining over 12,000 ATMs.

Number Three: The Customer Base

The reason for this mass amount of locations is widely due to its astounding number of customers. The company serves a total of over 2 million customers with online services alone, and roughly 10 million on mobile.

Number Two: Build Your Own Stagecoach

This old, western company is best known for its classic stagecoach pictured in its logo. Believe it or not, many of the banks fanatics are especially interested in building a model stagecoach of their very own. If you are one of these people, the bank provides a set of blueprints for the building of your very own stagecoach via the Oregon Historical Society.

Number One: From the Wild West

In addition to the company’s iconic stagecoach, many other items from the wild west are commonly associated with the history of this bank. Oddly enough, Wells Fargo offered a line of commemorative belt buckles and star-shaped badges copyrighted by the company in the 1970s that you can still get your hands on today. We hope you enjoyed exploring our list of the 15 things that you should know about Wells Fargo!

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