Vermont solar hut-home for sale



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This “Mongolian-style yurt” and its smaller studio counterpart are currently for sale in the woods of central Vermont outside of Granville. Both buildings are hand-sculpted works of art crafted in an eco-friendly, eco-conscious manner.

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Currently listed at $243,000, this off-grid home has both active and passive solar. It is made – or “harvested” as the sellers call it – from all local materials.

It is a very peaceful and contemplative home…

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One of the unique features is the Woodstock Soapstone stove that heats the main house.

I did not know this but soapstone apparently burns very little wood and gives off an even, comfortable heat source.

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There’s a coziness to a round house made from natural materials that you just can’t duplicate in a square house with drywall.

The main house interior is highlighted by artistic details, including a large oak tree rising gracefully toward the ceiling (this tree once grew precisely where the house now stands).

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The circle skylight is perfect for moon and stargazing from the loft bedroom.

All the walls are hand-sculpted from earthen plaster.

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Here’s a closer look at the curving, hand-made built-in bench…

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The kitchen is rather noninvasive and sparse, featuring open shelving, and if you look closely —

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— tree branch supports!

In the bathroom, the vanity is held up by none other than… some twigs!!

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Neat stuff!

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Since the area where this yurt is located is in the picturesque Upper White River Valley in the Green Mountains of Vermont, it is prime autumn leaf-peeping territory.

Oh how I wish the sellers would have posted some fall color photos of their home in autumn!

For more details on this wonderfully earthy home, see the house’s website here.

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