Venus Williams: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 2)



Venus Williams is known worldwide for her extreme success in tennis. Like many of her peers, she’s traveled the world, and has done so much more. Here are more facts about this athlete that many people don’t know.

Number Eight: She Wasn’t a Normal Child

Of course, who wants to be normal anyway? When Venus was young, they didn’t put her into a traditional schooling system to accommodate both her career and preference. She was home-schooled and practiced six hours a day, only resting one day in an entire week. Doing something else would have felt like a prison to her.

Number Seven: Venus Williams Was Wanted Early On

When Venus Williams was just a young teen, companies were already contacting her family for endorsement contracts. This was before she even became a professional.

Number Six: Her Father Booed Her

Venus William’s father, who was also he coach, booed her in her early competitions. He did this so that she would become more competitive, which was lacking beforehand.

Number Five: She Has Gold Medals

Something else that Venus Williams is known for is her success at the Olympics. Over the years, she’s gained a total of four. This is quite a number to have won so far in life.

Number Four: She Has Been Confident for Forever

Something which this athlete has had her entire professional career is confidence. After her first Wimbledon, she told reporters that there will be many more to come. This attitude has probably attributed to her great success.

Number Three: She Was Fined for Her Hair

Early on in her career, Venus wore beads in her hair when she competed. Once, they spilled on the court, which landed her a big fine. That must have been an infuriating moment for her at the time.

Number Two: She’s Been in Sports Illustrated

In 2005, Venus modeled for Sports Illustrated. She appeared in the swimsuit edition, which is quite the compliment.

Number One: She First Wanted Another Career

When Venus Williams was just a young child, she wanted to be an astronaut. Quickly, however, she became enveloped in the idea of becoming a tennis player.

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