Valentine’s Day: Top 20 Romantic Destinations (Part 3)



You explored the first 13 Valentine’s Day destinations for hopeless romantics, and it is finally time to reveal the top seven! Celebrate your sweetheart on this, the most romantic day of the year, with the sexy trip of a life time to one of these top romantic destinations this Valentine’s!

Number Seven: Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Though most people don’t know about all of the romantic possibilities that Cape Cod has to offer, it can be the perfect getaway for a laid-back weekend. The food alone is reason enough to visit this special spot, as they proudly serve the freshest seafood in the country.

Number Six: Florida Keys, Florida. To embrace all the luxuries of the good life, stay at a plush hotel on the beach of the Florida Keys. Play in the sand, interact with the nightlife, and enjoy the classic Margaritaville-like atmosphere.

Number Five: Pennsylvania Dutch Country. If the two of you are a couple who enjoys the smaller, quieter things in life, you both will fall in love with Pennsylvania Dutch Country. The stunning hillsides are lined with Amish farms, reminding you of what really matters in life. Stay in a quiet motel away from the bustle of everyday life, and enjoy the fresh cuisine of farm-raised foods.

Number Four: Meeting of the Great Rivers Scenic Route, Illinois. This particular location requires a 57-mile drive, but the journey proves the be worth it. Along the route are islands and farms, historic villages, and even apple and peach orchards. At the end of your journey, you will reach the scenic wonder of the spot where the Mississippi, Missouri, and Illinois rivers meet.

Number Three: Jekyll Island, Georgia. The scenic island just on the shore of Georgia, Jekyll Island is an experience to remember. Lush botanicals and plentiful wildlife cover the island, and boating on the clear waters is a must. Fishing and a trip to the Georgia Sea Turtle Center are also popular attractions.

Number Two: Sedona, Arizona. As one of the most spiritual destinations in America, Sedona lies just north of Phoenix. Here, the two of you can experience a spiritual journey and explore the scenery, have a psychic read your tarot, and even take a photo of your auras. The perfect gift for the creative and open-minded soul.

Number One: Piles Peak, Colorado Springs, Colorado. Deemed to be America’s Mountain, you and your other little lovebird can amaze yourselves with the romantic view of Pikes Peak. The beautiful reaches 14,110 feet, and overlooks the lush landscape of Colorado. It only takes about an hour of driving along the scenic path to reach the top, and another hour to drive back down to the bottom.

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