Valentine’s Day: Top 20 Romantic Destinations (Part 2)



You were enchanted by our first set of Valentine’s Day destinations for hopeless romantics, and we have seven more of the most lovey-dovey places in the world to take your special someone this holiday. The locations we have seen so far are definitely a romantic sight to see, but there is still even more to come in our next article, part three, where we present the ultimate seven Valentine’s destinations for hopeless romantics!

Number Fourteen: Molokai, Hawaii. There is no place like Hawaii for a romantic getaway and the dream vacation. This particular island is all about chilling out and enjoying the pleasures of life. It features all of the culture, sun, and sand that Hawaii has to offer, with about half of the tourist crowds!

Number Thirteen: Bluffton, South Carolina.  With a name like Bluffton, your baby will think this trip is too good to be true! Bluffton is a quaint and friendly, southern-charmed small town with comfortable inns. The two of you can enjoy hiking on woodlands trails, kayaking in the marshes, or just staring in awe at the beautiful scenery.

Number Twelve: Barnard, Vermont. Barnard is a snowy wonderland fantasy for you and your little snow bunny. The town features ice fishing and skating, scenic country roads, and warm bonfires for cuddling.

Number Eleven: New York City, New York. New York City is one of the most famous romantic cities on Earth. There are plenty of attractions to make the two of you fall in love over and over, like skating at Rockefeller Center, dinner at the Plaza Hotel, see the Metropolitan Museum of Art, or take a carriage ride through Central Park.

Number Ten: South Beach, Miami, Florida. If you and your partner like to live life in the fast lane, South Beach just might be the destination for you. Ocean drive is the perfect location for a casual, sophisticated dinner after spending the day at the beach. You’ll even get to show off that sexy new tan when you spend the night on the town!

Number Nine: Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. Kitty Hawk is a smaller and quieter destinations for couples who need to get away. This trip offers lots of bonding time as you stroll through the woods, and relax at a charming cottage.

Number Eight: Dallas, Texas. Dallas may not be the first city on the mind for romance, but there is one little feature that might entice you to go. Dallas has a local gem called “Fountain Place”, where large fountains of a water garden shoot as high as 10 feet in the air. The show can be observed during the day or at night, whatever you find to be more romantic.

Valentine's Day: Top 20 Romantic Destinations (Part 2)

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