Valentine’s Day: Top 20 Romantic Destinations (Part 1)



We are here to help you with your Valentine’s Day struggles by presenting 20 Valentine’s destinations for hopeless romantics! With Valentine’s Day approaching soon, lovers are all in a tizzy deciding what special gift would make their significant other feel like the most wonderful person in the world. Why not take them on the romantic trip of a life time? They are sure to be thankful for such a thoughtful gift, and it is guaranteed to be a romantic adventure for the both of you! Be sure to check back for our two sequel articles, part two and part three, to see the remaining 14 Valentine’s destinations for hopeless romantics!

Number Twenty: La Jolla, California. La Jolla is a destination for those who want to take in the beauty of Californian shores and culture without the annoyance of tourists. It is a quant area just minutes away from the beach, filled with unique boutiques and shops, reputable galleries, and family-owned restaurant gems.

Number Nineteen: Rockland, Maine. One of the lesser-known jewels of Maine, Rockland is a city of luxurious coastal cities. The area is lined with harbors and resorts for the ultimate boating vacation.

Number Eighteen: Boston, Massachusetts.  The city of Boston is certainly a sight to see. For people who enjoy the rich history of American culture, it is the perfect vacation. See the towns that formed the roots of America, go see the Red Sox hit one out of the park, or take a trip over to the Freedom Foundation Trail.

Number Seventeen: Napa Valley, California. Nothing is more romantic than wine, and if you are a couple of wine lover than this is the destination for you. Napa Valley is colored with vineyards and orchards and is home to some of the best quality wines available. Resorts focus on creating an experience of indulgence and sophistication, and the trip just wouldn’t be complete without a tour of a winery.

Number Sixteen: Chicago, Illinois. Downtown Chicago is the perfect spot for couples who enjoy the scenery of a big city. The city is filled with astounding history and is the perfect destination for lovers to take a horse-drawn carriage around Chicago’s Magnificent Mile.

Number Fifteen: San Francisco, California. This unique city is quite the hot spot for lovers. The area features beautiful beaches, hot nightlife, bay-view restaurants, and one-of-a-kind sourdough bread. It is guaranteed that you can always find something to do!

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