Vacation: Top 50 Ideas for 2016 (Part 4)



We already brought you parts one through three of our list of the top 50 vacation ideas for 2016, and now we’re back with part four! Check out 10 more incredible places you absolutely must visit this year, and stay tuned for our fifth and final installment of this list, coming soon!

Number Twenty: Grand Rapids – Michigan. Urban revivals have run rampant in Michigan’s Grand Rapids, and the art scene is absolutely booming. Now is the time to visit Michigan!

Number Nineteen: Virunga National Park – Democratic Republic of Congo. Virunga National Park has always been beautiful, but up until recently, it’s also been very dangerous. Now, however, it is safer to visit, so go this year before it’s too late.

Number Eighteen: San Sebastian – Spain. Though San Sebastian is already well known for its culinary scene, there is much more to offer there this year. San Sebastian has been named a 2016 European Capital of Culture, so be sure to explore the many festivals going on all year if (when) you vacation there.

Number Seventeen: Korcula Island – Croatia. Croatia’s island of Hvar became a tourist trap after Beyonce and Jay-Z vacationed there in 2011, and Korcula Island is its lesser-known neighbor. Korcula Island is home to gorgeous olive groves, family wineries, and pebble beaches.

Number Sixteen: Hangzhou – China. Hangzhou will be the very first Chinese city to host the G20 summit, and to prepare for this, many hotels and other cultural centers are opening this year. Stay in the brand-new Shangri-La hotel and check out the new Folk Art Museum while you’re there.

Number Fifteen: Road of the Seven Lakes – Argentina. The Road of the Seven Lakes has been a long time in the making, but last summer, it was finally completed. The road features much of Argentina’s prettiest scenery, and the 66-mile route can be completed in just a few hours.

Number Fourteen: Cesme – Turkey. For a truly authentic experience in Turkish cuisine, visit Cesme. The culinary scene is exploding here, and more and more restaurants are opening. There are also events to celebrate food and drink in Cesme that really should not be missed.

Number Thirteen: Aarhus – Denmark. Most people think of Copenhagen when they think about tourism in Denmark, but Aarhus is the true gem of Denmark. This destination is great for a younger crowd interested in art and food.

Number Twelve: Park City – Utah. Park City is now officially the United States‘ largest ski resort. This has come after a long and nasty legal battle, but it’s clearly worth it. The resort is 7,300 acres and is home to powder for days.

Number Eleven: Guadeloupe. Norwegian Air now offers direct flights to Guadeloupe from Boston, New York, and Baltimore, so now is the time to go! The country is rich in culture and is home to pristine, untouched beaches. Stay tuned for our fifth and final part of our list of the top 50 vacation ideas for 2016, coming soon!

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