Vacation: Top 50 Ideas for 2016 (Part 3)



We already brought you parts one and two of our list of the top 50 vacation ideas for 2016, and now we’re back with part three! Check out 10 more amazing travel destinations you absolutely have to check out this year below – you might be surprised by what you see! And be sure to stay tuned for our fourth installment of this list, coming soon.

Number Thirty: Dalat – Vietnam. Dalat is one of the most underrated tourist destinations in Vietnam. In Dalat, you can eat locally grown avocados and drink artichoke tea to your heart’s content.

Number Twenty-Nine: Barcelona – Spain. Barcelona is a hot vacation spot for many people, but 2016 is special because it’s the 90th anniversary of Antoni Gaudi’s death. Gaudi was an architect, and his work is featured all over Barcelona, so for the entire year, the city will be celebrating his work.

Number Twenty-Eight: Saint Helena. If you really want to go off the beaten path, visit Saint Helena this year. Saint Helena is a small island in the South Atlantic that is only accessible by a five-day journey by boat. But this year, Saint Helena is building its first airport!

Number Twenty-Seven: Brno – Czech Republic. The food and drink scene in Brno is absolutely exploding, so even though it’s not a top tourist destination, you’ll still find top-notch food and drinks here.

Number Twenty-Six: Washington – D.C. This year, the Smithsonian is set to open its National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington, D.C.’s National Mall. Check out the museum and explore even more United States history while you’re there.

Number Twenty-Five: Vaud – Switzerland. This year is a special one for Vaud, Switzerland. Chaplin’s World (a museum devoted to Charlie Chaplin’s life) is set to open this year, and the Modern Times Hotel will open in February of 2016.

Number Twenty-Four: Tamil Nadu – India. Northern India might be the more popular destination for travelers, but Tamil Nadu in southern India is equally rich in culture. Southern Indian cuisine is truly a treat.

Number Twenty-Three: Todos Santos – Mexico. Todos Santos has long been a hideaway for avid surfers, but 2016 is special for the town because more hotels, hiking paths, and vacation homes will open this year.

Number Twenty-Two: Dublin – Ireland. 2016 marks the 100th anniversary of 1916’s Easter Rising in Dublin. Visit Dublin to experience the rich culture and celebrate its history.

Number Twenty-One: Garzon – Uruguay. Uruguay’s Garzon is on its way to becoming the next big wine country. In late 2015, a 161,000-square-foot winery was opened in Garzon, and a new bridge recently opened to the public that is truly a sight for sore eyes. Stay tuned for part four of our list of the top 50 vacation ideas for 2016, coming soon!

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