Vacation: Top 50 Ideas for 2016 (Part 1)



A vacation can be one of those things you always feel like you’re not ready for – even if you have enough money for one. Well, in lieu of the new year, we feel like it’s time for you to just man up and take that vacation! To help you get there, here, we bring you our list of the top 50 vacation ideas for 2016. We will be presenting this list in five parts, and today, we bring you part one. Check it out below, and stay tuned for part two, coming soon!

Number Fifty: The Southern Gulf Islands – British Columbia. The Southern Gulf Islands are near Vancouver, which has become a top destination for many people who want to experience Canada. The Southern Gulf Islands have all of the Vancouver’s charm without the tourist traps.

Number Forty-Nine: Ubud – Indonesia. Ubud has been a top destination in Indonesia and is renowned for its stone temples and beautiful scenery. However, several new luxury resorts opened in 2015, and with more money being spent on tourism, more opportunities abound for visitors to truly experience Indonesian culture.

Number Forty-Eight: Marfa – Texas. Marfa is a great destination for anyone interested in the underground art scene. It’s a small town and is significantly less popular than Austin, so for anyone interested in something a little off the beaten path, Marfa is a great choice.

Number Forty-Seven: Thessaloniki – Greece. Greece might not be in the best economic position, but its inhabitants are incredibly resilient. People in Thessaloniki have reacted to their country’s economic crisis by building new, innovative restaurants. Thessaloniki is home to several experimental and high-end restaurants, so this is a great destination for the foodies out there.

Number Forty-Six: St. Louis – Missouri. St. Louis is the place to be in 2016! This year, the National Blues Museum will open there as a hub for people to truly appreciate St. Louis’ culture and music.

 Number Forty-Five: Phnom Penh – Cambodia. Phnom Penh might be the capital of Cambodia, but it surprisingly doesn’t see a lot of tourism. However, that could all change this year with the opening of several buildings, including the Rosewood Hotel. There are also student-led tours for a truly authentic experience.

Number Forty-Four: Guizhou – China. If you’re going to go to Guizhou, do it now. The province is not a hugely popular tourist destination, but chances are it will be soon. There are several luxury hotels slated to be built there, so if you want the authentic experience, you should go this year.

Nick Mayo
Nick Mayo

Number Forty-Three: Malaga – Spain. Malaga is Picasso’s birthplace, and the province is quickly becoming a cultural center for Spain. Three museums have recently opened there, and as a province, it’s thriving.

Number Forty-Two: Rosine – Kentucky. Rosine, Kentucky has a population of 113 people. However, Rosine is home to the person credited with inventing the bluegrass genre of music, Bill Monroe. You can visit Monroe’s grave and get a taste of real bluegrass in Rosine.

Number Forty-One: East Coast – Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka has been inaccessible for the past 30 years due to civil unrest; however, the east coast is now home to many hotels and private villas. You can snorkel with whales and even surf in Sri Lanka. Stay tuned for part two of our list of the top 50 vacation ideas for 2016, coming soon!

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