Twitter Global Headquarters by IA Interior Architects



Tired of the boring office quarters, ruminating how monotonous could one’s desk could be? Or is it that the office wall is a reminiscent of the ‘black and white’ office era that one was born into. And yet there are only a few places that you would want to hang at, office not being one of them. Then Twitter just could be the company of your dreams. Recently relocated Twitter Global Headquarters in San Francisco is all that it takes to give an employee all the right kind of vibes, from the boardroom to the work-space.

Twitter’s newly built headquarters occupies 7th-9th floor of the famous 11-floor Market complex which once transpired as a 1937 established wholesale furniture mart. Twitter intended to stay in the city from where it started its journey, and this time more colorful and artistic than ever before.


Like rest of its Mid-market mates: – The War Memorial Opera House, The Asian Art museum, Davies Symphony Hall et al , Twitter’s new headquarters enjoy the attention of an urban audience. There are various sources ratifying the move of the San-Francisco Government of passing a tax-forgiveness bill that incentivized the relocation of the Twitter’s newly designed headquarters.

Twitter has always symbolised creativity and a remarkable aura of passion in all of its prospects and so in order to nurture it further, it has invested in the two stories headquarters designed and worked up by IA Architects in collaborative efforts with Lundberg Design.

All the decisions regarding the designs were made as a group. Lundberg design led the team that designed the front-office area along with the dining facilities of the office. IA Architects carried out the layout and designs for rest of the project including the overall planning involved.

The interiors of the headquarters are based on the variants of the signature blue shade and the branded twitter logo that it has been carrying ever since its inception. The spacious and comfy modular design is complemented with a melange of wooden mill-work and twig motifs.

The headquarters provide an impressively vast cafeteria and a communal gathering space known as the ‘Commons’ for the employees. This leads to a park-like roof garden spreading across half-acre area where the employees can hang out by the day and enjoy the beautiful views of the skylines at night.



The space, that was once a cavernous warehouse, has been transformed into an informal seating zone with a white benching system.



The Lift area imbibe shades of brown with a visualization of wooden twigs at the top, depicting a branch of a tree surrounded by light. It holds the gateway to the reception area.


The Reception desk is a wooden mill-work, encompassing the official bird logo of Twitter that was named as ‘Larry’ after a basketball player Larry Bird. The steel cut bird logo is a more simplified and a jovial version having an upturned beak depicting Happiness, freedom and hope.


The reception design enjoys the natural lights coming from the windows utilizing sunlight, staying close to the nature. Spherical light bulbs along with the candle-shaped lights hanging onto a wooden hybrid look alike roof of the reception gives it a classic look.


The light green sofa sets with cylindrical wooden-milled tables escalate the looks of the reception area, not to forget the spectacular textured wall-covering.

The modular lounge area having vibrant signature blue tones is a treat to observe and be seated in. Some of the walls are decorated with the patterns of the twigs of a tree, depicting a close bond between the company’s mind-set and nature.


The furniture in this area, is a varied mixture of brighter-green sofas, along with the tree-brown patterned seating arrangement that has been provided as a private space to the employees, where they can sit and relax, have a nice chat with the colleagues over a Red Bull or work in case they intend not to get distracted by the gossiping.


The combined edgy effect that the headquarters enjoy, is complemented by the efforts of some local artists.

The space in the cafeteria features the concrete columns of the 90’s, with an imaginative yet impressive texture of the floor. It is an expansive cafeteria installed with acoustic panels suspending from its ceilings. Around the rippling theme of the cafeteria, the headquarters also features a stage along with a space that can be used for entertainment purposes or to conduct events, workshops and meetings.

twitter-headquarters-designboom15                      twitter-headquarters-designboom18

The cafeteria is connected to a 2023-square-meters outdoor terrace with areas surrounded by plants with a scenic view of the city. The employees hang out in the roof-garden, even blankets are provided by the headquarters for the chilly afternoons in the winters.



If there is anyone, looking for a workplace that offers tasty snacks and game rooms, this is definitely the right place. The headquarters provide dedicated rooms where the employees can play foosball with their buddies while having snacks. How cool is that!

Apart from this, Yoga and fitness rooms are also provided by the headquarters.

twitter-headquarters-designboom06             twitter-headquarters-designboom19

An innovative organization, has all the time in the world to discuss on the prospects that makes them unique. Twitter seems to be all the same. Informal conference rooms with comfortable modular chairs are provided by the headquarters.


Break rooms are provided along with a variety of beverages so that the employees can sit, talk or just sip juice. Apart from the light shade chairs, a wooden-textured dining table is kept in the hall.

twitter-headquarters-designboom08               twitter-headquarters-designboom20

Conference room is an indispensable part of an organization, and so Twitter Global Headquarters provides a diversified collection of conference rooms for its officials and board members. The conference rooms have raw-edge table.

twitter-headquarters-designboom22         twitter-headquarters-designboom12

A twitter blue theme is given to one of the conference rooms, having the initial ‘T’ creatively scribbled on the wall with various fonts.

IA Architects and Lundberg Design have given a good care on the sustainable development of the headquarters as natural light floods the campus, minimizing the power consumption wisely.


Amidst all the facilities and the luxuries that Twitter Global headquarters enjoy, there have also been some controversial clashes of the headquarters with around 150 people concerning their eviction. The protesters kept clamoring and impeaching the worth of Twitter for weeks but soon after, everything turned back to normalcy.


Twitter has fully utilized the space and is reported to occupy two additional floors for further expansions.

All in all, the Twitter Global Headquarters has creatively stepped forward in the field of architecture and joined other tech-giants such as Google, Facebook et al, believing in the concept of making their workplace a fun-to-be-around place for their employees, getting rid of the stress that comes with a job. Because a happier and stress-free mind is always a creative mind.

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