Twenty One Pilots: 15 Facts You Didn’t Know (Part 2)



We recently brought you part one of our list of 15 interesting facts about twenty one pilots. Now, we bring you part two, with eight more facts about the musical duo of singer/pianist Tyler Joseph and drummer Josh Dun, who’s eclectic pop-rock sound has earned them a number one album and legions of loyal fans around the world.

Number Eight: Twenty One Pilots Won’t Tell You What Their Logo Means

Tyler Joseph created the twenty one pilots logo himself, which he calls “the kitchen sink.” He has stated that the logo means something to him and that since he is the only person who knows what it means, it has purpose for him. If he tells, it will lose purpose.

Number Seven: Neither Member Plays the Guitar

Twenty one pilots usually get by on piano, synths, ukulele and drums, which makes their music quite unique in that they don’t use any guitar. That is because neither Joseph nor Dun play the instrument. They have said that if they did use guitar, then they would have to get someone to play it and the music will be filtered through someone that wasn’t the band.

Number Six: Josh Dun Used to Drum for House of Heroes

Before joining Tyler Joseph in twenty one pilots, Josh Dun was the touring drummer for rock band House of Heroes. After original members Nick Thomas and Chris Salih left the band, Dun, who worked at Guitar Center with Salih, was introduced to Joseph and they began playing together.

Number Five: Tyler Joseph Released a Solo Album

While still in high school, Tyler Joseph released an EP of Christmas songs. Titled No Phun Intended, the EP can still be heard on PureVolume. Other solo appearances include a live performance of “Oh Come, Oh Come, Emmanuel” for Five14 Church’s Christmas with the Stars, and providing backup vocals on Dallon Weekes’ (Panic! at the Disco) “Sickly Sweet Holidays” single.

Number Four: He Also Acted in a Video Series for His Church

Before twenty one pilots became big, Tyler Joseph showed off his acting chops in a video he made with a couple of people from his church in Ohio. Titled The (moderately inspiring tale of the) Longboard Rodeo Tango, he plays an intern who finds his constituents have a skateboard gang. The mockumentary (all three parts) can still be found on YouTube.

Number Three: ‘Vessel’ Was Written Not Knowing if Someone Would Hear It

When Vessel came out, the band was still relatively unknown, so when they went into the studio to record it, there were no real expectations from anyone. However, the band has said that when they recorded Blurryface, it was hard not to think about the fact that there was going to be an audience waiting to devour it.

Number Two: They Shot a Music Video at Will Smith’s Ranch

One of the band’s most interesting videos, “House of Gold” features the band in the middle of nowhere, with their legs severed from their bodies. The location is pretty interesting as well. It was filmed at a ranch just north of Los Angeles, which is owned by Will Smith.

Number One: They Were Once Tattooed on Stage

Both Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun have “X” tattoos that they received onstage in Columbus, Ohio. Meant to symbolize the dedication of their hometown fans, Joseph got his on his forearm and Dun got his behind his right ear. Thank you for reading our list of 15 interesting facts about twenty one pilots. We hope you enjoyed it!

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