Top Five Most Underappreciated Careers



Top Five Most Underappreciated Careers

As the saying goes, “If you do something you love, you will never work a day in your life.” Unfortunately, sometimes doing what we love makes us love it a little less. The five career choices on this list are severely underpaid and underappreciated. For some people, the job they love soon becomes a hobby because of financial circumstances.

Number One: Teacher

Teaching is the only profession that creates all other professions. Regardless of that fact, teachers are greatly unappreciated. The biggest misconception is that teachers just “teach,” but that is far from the truth. Elementary, middle, and high school teachers must deal with behavior and social problems. Some may argue that teachers also play the role of a dean and guidance counselor. It’s time we start appreciating the teaching profession – it starts with paying them more.

Number Two: Freelance Writer

The writing profession is steadily declining because writers are not appreciated. The main reason for that is because companies are not properly paying writers for their work. Ironically, these same companies pay pennies, but they expect exceptional work. There are plenty of companies who appreciate writers, and so using your research skills is essential in order to find these companies. My advice to writers is, “know your worth.”

Number Three: Nurse

The main reason nurses don’t get the respect they deserve is because most people just view them as caretakers, as opposed to medical professionals. Anyone who has been in the hospital knows how hard work nurses work, and it’s clear that their job requires far more than just being a caretaker. Some may be unaware that nurses also assist doctors during surgery.

Number Four: Ghostwriter

We all know how important validation is, and if you’re a ghostwriter, the last thing you will receive is validation. Ghostwriters must do their job anonymously, and the worst part about it is someone else gets credit for your work. You have to admire someone who is willing to create masterful work and not get praised for it.

Number Five: Graphic Designer

Most people don’t have the skills to build a website or create a logo, and so it’s ironic that graphic designers are so underappreciated. Some people would rather build a website themselves than pay a professional to do it. The decline in sales has forced designers to lower their rates significantly. Therefore, designers are charging $50 dollars for logos that should be priced at $200 dollars.

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