Top 9 Best Bike Trails Around the World



If you’re a nature lover, getting out there on your bike is one of the most gratifying experiences possible. When you’re surrounded by natural beauty, biking doesn’t even feel like working out. Here are some of the best trails out there.

Number Nine: The Great Ocean Road, Australia

This gives you a wonderful view of the Australian coastline. For more ambitious bikers, there are hidden trails that offer more intense cardio.

Number Eight: The Bike Trails of Easter Island, Chile

You’ve probably heard of this place, most famous for the giant and mysterious stone heads. But did you know that you can actually bike trails around it?

Number Seven: San Juan Islands, Washington

There are multiple islands here that you can take your bike on, varying in difficulty. No matter what level of cyclist you are, there’s something for you.

Number Six: Great Divide Mountain Route, Canada and USA

If your biking goals include visiting more than one country in the span of your journey, look no further! This is the longest unpaved cycling trail in the entire world.

Number Five: Salzach Valley, Austria

This route is 150 miles long, but don’t worry, you don’t have to conquer it all in one day. The trails offer amazing mountain views.

Number Four: The Karakoram Highway, China and Pakistan

Another double country route for you ambitious riders out there. This route is nearly 750 miles long! Guided tours are available.

Number Three: Dordogne Valley, France

Known for its amazing food and unbelievable (and surprisingly affordable) wine, Dordogne is a must-see location for travelers everywhere. Partake in a self guided tour with the advantage of having your luggage transported from hotel to hotel for you.

Number Two: The Sun Moon Lake Trails, Taiwan

Circle the trails of this gorgeous lake, or take a longer route and view historic temples. Either way, it’s guaranteed you’ll be amazing by the views here.

Number One: Tulip Fields, Netherlands

This country is known for being the home of bike lovers. It’s easy to see why, with trails like this. Make sure you visit in the springtime to get the most out of the gorgeous views in this European paradise. We hope you enjoyed our list.

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