Top 9 Best Beaches in the Caribbean



With the summer quickly approaching and the temperature dangerously warming up, we have no other choice but to talk about nice beaches today. And there’s no other place like the Caribbean for a quality seaside vacation. These are some of the most stunning beaches entirely washed by the Caribbean Sea. We guarantee you will want to pack your bags and book your flight to these destinations. Take a look!

Number Nine: Shoal Bay Beach, Anguilla

Two miles of pristine white sand and crystal-clear turquoise water make Shoal Bay one of the most exquisite beaches in the Caribbean, and the most popular in all of Anguilla. Snorkeling, kayaking and scuba-diving are some of the activities carried out on a daily basis in Shoal Bay, which is easily accessible by car.

Number Eight: Sandy Point, US Virgin Islands

Unlike many other areas in the U.S. Virgin Islands, Sandy Point remains a virgin, isolated and protected 2-mile-long chunk of sand. The Sandy Point National Wildlife Refuge is relatively easy to find and counts with a parking lot close to the shoreline. Entrance to the park is only allowed on weekend mornings.

Number Seven: Grand Anse Beach, Grenada

This two-mile beach, located close to the capital city of St. George, is a top choice among local and international tourists. In addition to its gorgeous, scenic, blue and green landscape, Grand Anse is home to a vast array of hotels, restaurants and all sorts of facilities.

Number Six: Los Roques Beaches, Venezuela

Los Roques is a virgin archipelago and protected Natural Park consisting of some 350 islands and cays. The rich marine ecosystem and exceptional beauty of the area attracts thousands of visitors each year. The archipelago can be reached by boat or plane, and camping is allowed in designated areas.

Number Five: Eagle Beach, Aruba

Eagle Beach, located in the small island of Aruba, is widely considered to be one of the calmest, cleanest and most spectacular beaches in the Lesser Antilles. With a visibility of 75 feet, Eagle Beach is a top destination for scuba divers. During the weekend, casual tennis and volleyball tournaments are carried out on the shore.

Number Four: Trunk Bay, US Virgin Islands

St. John’s Trunk Bay is the most visited and photographed beach in the U.S. Virgin Islands. It features numerous facilities, such as restrooms, restaurants, souvenir shops, public showers, and a parking lot. Trunk Bay can get a little packed during the Summer months due to its popularity.

Number Three: Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman

This dog-friendly, long coral-sand beach is home to most of the high-end hotels and resorts in the Cayman Islands. Ever dreamed of petting a stingray? Stingray City, located very close to the beach, allows visitors to interact with and touch a few dozens of these friendly animals for an unforgettable Caribbean experience.

Number Two: Saltwhistle, Mayreau

One of the most secluded and off-the-radar beaches for international tourists, Saltwhistle is exactly what dreams are made of; beautiful coves, colorful coral reefs and warm, turquoise waters. The largely unspoiled coastline of Mayreau calls for a long nap under the palm trees.

Number One: Playa Paraíso, Cuba

Well deserving of its name, ‘Paradise Beach,’ located on the small Cuban island of Cayo Largo del Sur, is a long stretch of soft, white sand set along the clear and shallow waters of the Caribbean Sea. Playa Paraíso is very well preserved—there aren’t any structures located directly on the shore, and no hotels in the area for that matter. We hope you will visit it one day. Thanks for reading!

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