Top 9 Amazing Volcanoes You Won’t Believe Are Real



Volcanoes are some of the coolest natural phenomena that exist on our planet. However, not all volcanoes are created equally. Here, we present our list of the top nine amazing volcanoes you won’t believe are real. Ready to take a vacation to the world’s most amazing infernos? Here we go!

Number Nine: Kilauea – Hawaii, USA

Kilauea is an impressive 4,200 feet tall and is one of the most surreal-looking volcanoes in the world. The volcano features a lava lake that reflects gorgeous reds and oranges into the smokey plume above it, creating a sort of aurora borealis-esque inferno in the sky.

Number Eight: Kawah Ijen – Indonesia

Next on our list is Kawah Ijen, located in East Java, Indonesia. This volcano appears to be turquoise but is actually made of toxic sulfuric acid. Because of this, the volcano spews out “blue fire” that cools into yellow blocks.

Number Seven: Villarrica – Chile

Chile’s Villarrica is stunning to see in person. There’s a lake in the surrounding area, and there’s also a nearby village that makes the scene look less like a volcano and more like a quaint town.

Number Six: One of the Most Famous Volcanoes – Fuji, Japan

Fuji is one of the most popular destinations for seasoned hikers, and there’s no wondering why. The volcano is aesthetically stunning. But hikers, here’s a tip – start your hike at night so you can reach the peak of the volcano by sunrise.

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Number Five: Virunga Mountains – East Africa

This chain of volcanoes is so powerful it attracts strange-looking cloud formations to its peaks. Mountain gorillas can be found in the surrounding area, so if you’re ever visiting, be sure to keep an eye out for the stunning creatures.

Number Four: Licancabur – Bolivia

Located in Bolivia, the Licancabur volcano stands proudly tall and belongs to the Andes mountain range. The volcano is also surrounded by Laguna Verde, a Bolivian salt lake, which reflects the volcano in its surface.

Number Three: Mount Etna – Italy

Mount Etna is one of the world’s most active volcanoes, as it’s usually bubbling and smoking a little bit. The nearby Italian town of Catania creates some gorgeous photo opportunities if you’re ever near this volcano.

Number Two: Mayon – Philippines

Second on our list is Mayon, which features a perfect conical shape and is one of the most photogenic volcanoes in the world. The volcano is currently active and is located in Albay, a Philippine province.

Number One: Cotopaxi – Ecuador

Finally, the coolest volcano on our list has to be Cotopaxi, located in Ecuador. The volcano is 19,347 feet tall and features a rare natural phenomenon – one of the world’s few equatorial glaciers. Thanks for reading!

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