Top 8 Worst Inventions That Should Never Have Existed



Ever since the invention of the wheel, humankind has had the urge to innovate and produce new things. Some of these inventions have made our lives easier; some have changed the face of the human race, and some should not have been conceived at all. Here, we present the top eight worst inventions of all time – these ideas should have been trashed from the get-go.

Number Eight: Clippy

Do you remember that annoying animated paperclip that popped up invited every time you opened Microsoft Word? The Microsoft Word mascot would ask questions like “Looks like you are writing a letter. Do you need any help?” It probably meant well, but its wobbling simply slowed down your RAM, and the floating eyebrows were just downright distracting.

Number Seven: Olestra

Initially perceived as the brainchild of a genius food scientist, Olestra was a fat substitute used to make “fat-free” chips in the ’90s. This invention was supposed to slip out from the body without being absorbed. It did that, sure, but it also took away essential vitamins and minerals from the food. People consuming it complained of diarrhea and cramping, and it was eventually banned in Canada and most of Europe.

Number Six: Pay Toilets

This invention was introduced in America in the ’70s and worked completely on coins. If you had a twenty dollar bill, you could not use it. They were discontinued for about two decades and then someone decided it was a great idea, and so they were back in 2001 in midtown New York. The funny thing is that if you are not done within your designated time, the automatic doors just slide open. What a crappy joke!

Number Five: Agent Orange

Agent Orange is a toxic chemical originally known as Herbicide Orange (HO). It was invented by the US Department of Defense as a defoliant to improve the visibility of the Vietnamese forests. This chemical killed thousands of civilians, maimed many more, and led to about 150,000 birth defects and miscarriages amongst humans and livestock. Many US army veterans contracted cancer, nerve, respiratory and skin disorders, and the government only granted 486 out of the 39,419 claims filed.

Number Four: Baby Cage

This invention will probably send you reeling. It was literally a cage meant for babies to be suspended outside windows in high rises and apartment buildings. The idea was to give unhampered floor space for mothers to clean and walk about. The baby could also get fresh air this way. Yes, it was deemed healthy. They were given to the members of the Chelsea Baby Club in London, England and that was one of the few places where people actually used this thing.
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Number Three: One of the Worst Inventions – The Crinoline

The crinoline was basically a stiff fabric made of horsehair and cotton. In the mid-1850s, it was supposed to be worn under women’s skirts to balloon out the fabric – that’s hitherto fashion for you. This invention made sitting and walking through doorways an exhausting feat. It was also highly flammable.

Number Two: Hydrogen Blimps

Blimps or floating airships generally have helium in them. But in 1931, when the Hindenburg was designed, its creators decided to use Hydrogen. It caught fire and resulted in 35 casualties on board.

Number One: CFCs

Also known as chlorofluorocarbon or Freon gas, this chemical is used as a refrigerating compound. This chemical damages the ozone layer and lets the harmful, cancer-causing UV rays reach the Earth’s atmosphere. We hope you enjoyed our list of the worst inventions of all time. Thanks for reading!

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