Top 8 Weirdest Themed Restaurants in the World



Sometimes, part of a good dining experience resides in the location itself. You will often hear people claim seafood tastes better when actually eaten on the seaside. A positive mindset plays an important role when it comes to enjoying a meal. We don’t know if the following restaurants provide quality meals and fresh foods, but we are sure they are capable of cheering up even the gloomiest of souls. Some of them will definitely surprise you!

Number Eight: Ninja New York

Although located right in the heart of Tribeca, this underground eatery is designed to look like a feudal Japanese village, full of dark chambers and secret passageways. Guests are greeted and served by ninjas, who perform martial art tricks to liven up the evening. The meal concludes with an impressive magic card show that will likely get a good tip out of you.

Number Seven: Safe House, Milwaukee

On the outside, this midwestern restaurant doesn’t look very promising. In fact, you might not even realize it’s a restaurant at all. But that’s a deliberate decision; Safe House is meant to be a spy hideout. Before entering the establishment, you will be asked to enter a secret password. Good luck with that.

Number Six: Modern Toilet Restaurants, Taipei

A restaurant chain for the scatological lover. Not only are guests seated on toilets, they also eat out of tiny latrines! The diner decor features all-things bathroom related, from tubs, sinks and toothpaste to poop itself (which is, actually, chocolate ice cream.) The business became so successful it now has several restaurants all over Asia.

Number Five: Cabbages and Condoms, Thailand

This Thai restaurant is exactly what it promises: cabbages and condoms. The Bangkok diner, which aims to promote safe sex and family planning, is entirely decorated with all kinds of condoms “from all over the world.” C&C’s food is advertised as “guaranteed not to cause pregnancy.” Feel free to take one home once you’re done eating.

Number Four: Fortezza Meditea Restaurant, Italy

Ever wondered what it’s like to eat prison food? The Fortezza Meditea is an actual, working high-security prison built inside an Italian Renaissance fortress. Inmates serve both prison time and wine to the general public, who have to undergo a two-month background check beforehand. The restaurant management is entirely handled by prisoners, as part of a rehabilitation program.

Number Three: Christon Café, Japan

There are lots of odd businesses in Japan, from cat, rabbit and even owl cafés to instant ramen museums, but a church-themed restaurant is rather unheard of in Asia. Christon Café is a clubbing space found in Tokyo, which resembles a Christian cathedral. Religious sculptures, crucifixes, chandeliers, a communion table and other ecclesiastical paraphernalia round the sacrilegious Jesus-themed decor.

Number Two: The H. R. Giger Bar, Switzerland

Modelled by the surreal Swiss artist H. R. Giger—creature designer on Alien, Prometheus and Dune,—the nightmarish bar feels just like stepping into an alien nest. The inside of the building is meant to resemble an unsettling, cavernous, backbone structure covered in vertebrae. There are two restaurants in Switzerland, and a new location might be opening in the U.S. in the future.

Number One: Robot Restaurant, Japan

For about $35, you will get to eat and drink all while being serenaded by a robot cabaret in this eccentric Shinjuku diner; the perfect place for arcade lovers. Flashing neon lights, bikini-clad servers and staged robot samurai battles will make you forget you haven’t taken any drugs. The entire show feels like stepping inside Gaspar Noé’s epilepsy-inducing opening credits. The entry ticket includes one drink but, then again, you won’t really need any alcohol to enjoy the show. Thanks for reading!

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