Top 8 Strangest Things Found in Our Known Universe



The Universe. Consisting of planets, stars, galaxies, light and even time. Galaxies so big that they each contain an even larger amount of stars. Planets so huge that our own is dwarfed in size. The Universe is so ridiculously humongous that the exact size is unknown, who knows where it ends. And does it even end? What we do know however is that The Universe we can see is at least 93 billion light years across and contains some of the coolest, most insightful yet strangest things ever. imaginable Here are 8 of the strangest things found in our known universe.

Number Eight: Rogue Planet

All alone and estranged from its family. The rogue planet is similar to that of Tom Hanks in Castaway. Orphan Annie otherwise known as CFBDSIR2149 was probably ejected from its solar system due to other planets establishing themselves as bigger and better. Astronomers believe there to be billions of these abandoned planets just wandering The Universe on a solo mission of survival.

Number Seven: Alcohol

Seriously. Sagittarius B2, which is a giant molecular cloud of gas and dust, contains a shed load of booze. That’s right. With enough alcohol to feed the population for a billion years. The cloud is also jam packed with ethyl formate. What’s ethyl formate you ask? Well it’s only a chemical that smells of rum and the same chemical that give raspberries their flavor. A spirit and a mixer all in one!

Number Six: Unicorns

The next time someone tries to tell you that unicorns don’t exist just point up to the sky and prove them wrong. Well you might need a telescope but still they are wrong! Kind of. The Trifid Nubula, which is a huge gas cloud, also coincidentally seems to look like a giant full on and fully horned unicorn. With a main to match it is just of course an example of paraeidolia, a inclination to see patterns in random shapes. How disappointing.

Number Five: The Diamond Of The Universe

They say Diamonds are a girls best friend so what better than a planet made of them. Twice the size of Earth, 55 Cancri e is estimated to be at least one third diamond. Visible to the naked eye, just look for the object that twinkles. Wait….

Number Four: A Cold Star

With stars being renowned for their extreme heat and excruciatingly hot bodies, scientists recently discovered some stars a little on the chilly side. Often refereed to as ‘failed stars’ (harsh) some are even cooler than the human body, making it possible for us to even touch them! Put that on your Christmas list.

Number Three: White Holes

Everybody knows about black holes but what about their distant relatives? Yes they only exist in theory but the idea that matter goes in one end and out the other is just to cool to ignore. Especially when it involves things like time travel.

Number Two: Hell Planet

Gliese 581 C is a planet that wants to destroy you. Locked in an orbit with a much smaller sun than ours. The planet always has one side facing its star, very much like the moon to the earth. Due to this the planet has some questionable qualities. With one side burning the skin of your bones and the other freezing your bones to your skin. However, in between the two extremes there is a small strip where the weather is actually not that bad. So much so that scientists have even discussed it as an option for colonization. Just be careful you don’t step outside the belt.

Number One: The Earth

Think about it. The Universe and The Earth has developed so meticulously over the years that it can somehow seem improbable. In reference to the Goldilocks theory, in which Goldilocks found the porridge that was just right. The Earth thankfully seems to be just right for the human race. Not only is it the perfect distance from the sun, creating a perfect temperature and a perfect amount of water. It is absolutely mind boggling that everything just seems to, well, work?!

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