Top 8 Serial Killers Still At Large Around the World



The world is a funny place, full of love, laughter and friendship, yet sometimes things can go a little off track with some people choosing a different path to follow. Thankfully, most serial killers are caught, thrown in prison and safely locked away. Unfortunately, some are not, remaining undetected all while scaring the pants off everybody else. Here are eight serial killers that are still at large – try not to have any nightmares tonight!

Number Eight: The February 9th Serial Killer

Only killing on February the 9th (hence the name), this particular killer struck once in 2006 and then again in 2008, but has since remained quiet with the case going cold in 2011. With his victims being Hispanic and his method of killing strangulation, the three murders were all linked through DNA. However, unless he strikes again it is unlikely he will ever be caught due to there being no record of the DNA on file.

Number Seven: The Pusher

Dubbed “The Pusher” in Manchester, England, this killer purposely pushes his victims into a nearby canal that lines the popular “gay area” of Manchester’s club scene. Since 2007, 85 bodies have been pulled out of the canal, and half of them are still “unexplained.” With suggestions that an active serial killer could solely be targeting homosexual men, many families have begun questioning the police for answers.

Number Six: The Stoneman

Terrorizing the city of Calcutta during one hot summer in 1989, The Stoneman murdered 13 homeless people by stoning them as they slept, and evidence also suggests it could have been many more. With no idea whether or not it was just one person or a group of individuals, the Calcutta Police were also concerned that some of the murders may have been the work of a copycat. The case remains a mystery, the deaths still plaguing the citizens to this day.

Number Five: The Mexicali Killer

Tending to reject ideas of serial killings due to the drug trade-related murders, officials have now begun to see evidence connecting the deaths of various women. With the victims being dismembered and dumped in hidden spots around the city, the Mexican police force is still no closer to capturing the killer who has been active since 2008.

Number Four: The Vending Machine Killer

Killing 11 people over the span of a year, with an extra murder believed to be a copycat, the Vending Machine Killer would lace drinks that were placed either on top or next to the vending machine in question. Strangely, after the 12th murder, the killer vanished into thin air, leaving the police baffled to this day. The case remains unsolved with the killer scarily still at large.

Number Three: Highway of Tears Murders

From 1969 to 2011, a series of unsolved murders and disappearances of young women were happening on a 500-mile stretch of Highway 16 in British Columbia, Canada. Although a victim count has been estimated to be 21, it is likely to be much more. With many of the victims being Aboriginal women, the police force was accused of racism and overlooking the reports.

Number Two: One of the Most Popular Serial Killers – The Zodiac Killer

One of the most notorious serial killers of all time, The Zodiac Killer operated in northern California during the late 60s and early 70s. Famous for taunting the police with a number of cryptic messages, only one of them has been successfully solved. With many suspects named, the killer himself has never been formally identified, yet some murders today are still being linked to The Zodiac Killer with suggestions that he may have changed his modus operandi (method of killing).

Number One: The Long Island Serial Killer

The Long Island Serial Killer is an unidentified murderer connected to deaths as recent as 2013. With a penchant for women who work in the sex trade, The LISK is believed to have murdered between 10 and 17 victims. Dumping the dismembered body parts onto remote beaches, the killer remains active with some even believing he has ties to the police. Thanks for reading!

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