Top 8 Mythical Creatures You Won’t Believe Are Real



Mythical creatures have been a primary component of children’s stories, fairytales and important cultural documents for ages. However, the tables may be turned when you realize that these 10 mythical creatures probably existed. Get ready to be shocked when you realize the fairy tales of your childhood may be much realer than you realize.

Number Eight: The Odyssey. In Homer’s famed novel, The Odyssey, one passage describes Odysseus steering his vessel through a strait with monsters on either side. Some people this place being described is between Sicilia and Calabria. There is an actual whirlpool in this area, and there are also rocky shoals believed to have inspired the multi-headed dragon described by Homer.

Number Seven: Hobbits. An excavation of a limestone cave in Indonesia helped reveal a three-foot-tall skeleton resembling a hobbit. The skull attached to the skeleton was just one-third the size of a human head today. Scientists suggest these “hobbits” were a different species of Neanderthals.

Number Six: Dire Wolves. The dire wolf is used in many fictional stories, but many people don’t realize they actually existed at one point. They were much larger than a regular wolf and eventually went extinct because of a shortage in their food supply.

Number Five: Tower of Babel. Archeological evidence exists that the Tower of Babel once existed. There is not much evidence to support claims that it was a tower in which people spoke strange languages, but it has been a site for many archeological digs.

Number Four: The Kraken. The Kraken is thought to be a giant squid-like creature capable of breaking a boat in half. Recently, a colossal squid was seen that was approximately 46 feet long. This colossal squid had long limbs capable of cutting objects apart.

Number Three: Berserkers. Known most popularly as characters in video games, berserkers were first mentioned in Norse poets. Historians actually believe berserkers used hallucinogens to ignore their pain in battle.

Number Two: Moby Dick. The inspiration for Moby Dick was actually a large sperm whale named Mocha Dick and destroyed many massive ships. The inspiration for Captain Ahab was named Captain Pollard.

Number One: Natural Art. Though many of the myths on this list are creatures, some of the most mythical phenomena are things that can be observed in nature, such as Aurora Borealis. Mother Nature is the most mythical and beautiful creature of all, and she’s right in front of your nose.

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