Top 8 Most Extravagant Casino Resorts in the World



If you think the most luxurious, unusual and over-the-top casinos in the world are in Las Vegas, think again. We have compiled eight of the most extravagant casino resorts on the planet; some of them are very famous, some of them you might have never heard of. Take a look at our below!

Number Eight: The Venetian Macao

Located in Macau, China, The Venetian is the biggest casino in the world, the seventh largest building by floor area and the largest single structure resort in Asia with 10,500,000-square-foot and 3,000 hotel rooms! Be serenaded on a real (or so they claim) Venetian gondola on a peaceful, romantic ride through its artificial canals. Furthermore, the resort is so spectacularly huge it even holds its very own sports venue, the CotaiArena, with a seating capacity of 15,000!

Number Seven: Sun City Casino Resort

South Africa’s premium, extremely opulent Sun City Casino Resort counts with four hotels, almost 800 slot machines, two 18-hole golf courses and an impressive Caribbean-looking artificial beach. However, the most spectacular characteristic about the lavish African vacation spot is its location—right in the middle of the forest! Guests can even book their very own, fully catered family safari through two of South Africa’s best and safest wildlife reserves.

Number Six: Marina Bay Sands

Singapore’s main touristic attraction might well be one of the world’s most striking resorts. Its three-tower, card-deck inspired design is extravagant enough to be on this list, but its 150 m (490 ft) long infinity swimming pool (the largest in the world), located on top of the building, is definitely what sets this entertainment complex apart from all the other hotels and casinos. The building hosts a hotel, an indoor ice rink, a theatre, a casino, a convention center, a museum, a bunch of haute couture stores, a canal and a lot of bars and restaurants, among other amenities. Marina Bay is the most expensive ($8 billion) casino resort ever built!

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Number Five: The Grand Lisboa

Like The Venetian, this complex is also located in Macau. The Grand Lisboa (which borrows its name from the Portuguese capital, since Macau used to be a Portuguese colony) was designed to look like a bird cage. On top of the building, the tallest in the region, sits the world’s largest LED dome, topped with over a million colorful lights. The resort counts with a temperature-controlled swimming pool and spa, a fitness center, a daily dancing show and four floors of gambling space.

Number Four: Resort Worlds Sentosa

Located in Sentosa, a small island south of Singapore, Resorts World includes a marine life park, a water park, a Universal Studios theme park, a 2,400-slot machine casino complex and four hotels, among many other attractions which take over the entire island. Surprisingly enough, “Sentosa” translates to “peace and tranquility” in Malay.

Number Three: Monte Carlo Casino

Monaco is known as one of the most elitist cities in the world. As such, its casinos can’t stay behind. The legendary Casino de Monte-Carlo was the top gambling destination for 19th century aristocrats—and it doesn’t seem to be any different today. The beautiful, belle époque entertainment complex—James Bond’s personal favorite—is open to foreigners only. Locals are permanently banned from entering the resort!

Number Two: Palms Casino Resort

It’s the only Las Vegas casino on our list, and definitely not the most lavish and over-the-top in the city. But there’s something about this casino that sets it apart from all the other complexes in the strip—a Barbie-themed hotel suite. The Hot Pink Suite is either sensational or highly unsettling, we just can’t decide. Barbie cushions, artwork, chairs and a sunburst mirror made out of 65 plastic dolls are some of the peculiarities you will find in the room, which can be booked for bachelorette parties. The hotel counts with other themed suites to cater to all tastes: a basketball-themed hardwood room, a hyper-luxurious DJ suite and even some vast penthouses. You choose.

Number One: Desert Cave Hotel Australia

We have to be honest— this is not one of the best, biggest or most valuable casino complexes in the world. However, it is pretty strange-looking and definitely one of a kind. Mostly because this resort is located almost exclusively underground! Rooms are available underground and above ground, but everything else (stores, restaurants, lobby areas, a spa, a swimming pool, a gym and a casino) is buried under Australia’s Coober Pedy desert! Thanks for reading!

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