Top 8 Dangerous Drugs You Won’t Believe Are Legal



Drugs are a highly misunderstood topic, even by the most talented health professionals. Some types have been tabooed by societal culture and even outlawed by the government, while many of the most dangerous ones are free to circulate the nation. After reading about this particular set of eight dangerous drugs, you won’t believe that they could somehow remain legal!

Number Eight: The L-Dopamine Drugs

Dopamine is a naturally occurring chemical in the brain that makes you feel happy and satisfied, ultimately telling you that you are doing a good job. That being said, massive amounts of this particular chemical are also what give methamphetamines and cocaine their addictive, euphoric feelings. Simply put, this L-Dopamine is basically a synthetic version of the chemical; it is seen as a “research drug”, and therefore can be obtained fairly easily and of legal means.

Number Seven: L-Adrenaline

Similar to L-Dopamine, L-Adrenaline is basically a synthetic version of another happy chemical: norepinephrine. This chemical is responsible mainly for increasing excitability and adrenaline levels, and the synthetic substitute is often misused by “adrenaline junkies”.

Number Six: JWH-018

If you have ever heard of K2 or “Spice”, you are already familiar with this type of drug. Like the aforementioned designer brands, this is the generic name for synthetic cannabinoids (giving THC-like effects). These drugs allow users to experience a “legal high”, but have been proven much more deadly and affective than the natural, original marijuana. It entered the market primarily as a fertilizer and painkiller, although vast misuse may soon sweep it off the market.

Number Five: 2C-I

This drug has slipped through the cracks of the War on Drugs, but it is an extremely effective hallucinogen. A main reason that the drug has not yet been controlled by the CSA is that there is basically no research for bodily effects of the drug at all. Because it is unstudied, it is kind of hard for the CSA to make an argument about it. The people who have tried this drug, however, reveal that the effects are very similar to ecstasy and LSD.

Number Four: Salvia

Salvia has recently become a controlled substance in a number of the United States, but the government has not yet named it to be illegal outright. Many states, in fact, more than half, still name the drug as legal. It is primarily a psychoactive substance that targets k-opioid receptors- the same receptors targeted by opiates. Users claims to experience hallucinations, intense laughter, and a profound concept of becoming “one” with the world.

Number Three: Tramadol

Tramadol circulates America as a painkiller for intense injuries and illnesses, and works similarly to Vicodin. The worst part, however, is that it is a synthetic creation of opiates- and a highly addictive one, at that. After using prescribed Tramadol for extended periods of time, patients have experienced more intense withdrawal symptoms than regular opiates. Mainly, these symptoms come in the form of a possibly fatal seizure.

Number Two: Phenazapam

This is probably a new one to you, and the makers of this drug probably want to keep you in the dark about it. This drug isn’t regulated mainly because it isn’t intended for people to take; it only remains legal for research purposes, and not enough is known about its effects to lock it away. Basically, Phenazapam is a benzodiazepine, like Xanax, except it is four times as strong. Use of this drugs often results in experiences of extreme happiness, amnesia, and physical dependence. However, withdrawal symptoms are often fatal seizures.

Number One: Dextromethorphan

If you have heard of people trying to get high from cough medicine, you are already aware of the dangers of this drug. It was cultivated to replace codeine in cough suppressants, after the misuse of codeine reached uncontrollable levels, but hasn’t been doing the best drug. If taken at recommended, cough-suppressing doses, the drug is fine. However, people have recently discovered that consuming more of Dextromethorphan will produce psychedelic effects, like PCP. The bad part, however, is that the deadly dose for this particular drug is very close to the safe amount. We hope you enjoyed our list of the top eight most dangerous drugs that are actually legal!

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