Top 8 Creepiest Insects Around the World



Insects aren’t for everybody. While some insects, like ladybugs and butterflies, are elegant and beautiful, others are just plain creepy. Here, we present our list of the top eight creepiest insects from around the world. Prepare to be grossed out and amazed!

Number Eight: Giant Orb Weaving Spider

The Giant Orb Weaving Spider not only has a mouthful¬†of a name – they’re able to eat giant mouthfuls, too. In fact, these spiders love to eat birds. These spiders can be found in Australia, and they’re about the size of your hand. Yikes!

Number Seven: Amazonian Giant Centipede

The name says it all – these centipedes are massive. They can grow up to an entire foot long, and they’re found in the Central and South American tropics. They also have giant pincers that they use to deliver venom, so stay away. Far, far away.

Number Six: Atlas Beetle

The Atlas Beetle almost looks like a plastic toy, but nope, it’s real! It’s also called the Rhinoceros Beetle because of the giant horns on its head that comprise one-third of its body. The beetles use these horns to battle each other, and their legs also feature thorny¬†spines that look pretty painful.

Number Five: Japanese Giant Hornet

Japanese Giant Hornets are big. Most are about the size of a human thumb, and the poison they spray can actually melt your flesh. What’s even more terrifying is that the poison they spray contains a pheromone that attracts other giant hornets to come and spray you. Fun!

Number Four: Bullet Ant

Bullet ants are another large and pain-inflicting insect. They grow up to an inch long, which, by ant standards, is ginormous. They can also shriek, and their sting literally feels like a bullet entering your flesh.

Number Three: Africanized Honey Bee

There’s no way to differentiate Africanized Honey Bees from regular bees, but you’ll know the difference as soon as you get too close. Get too close to a hive of Africanized Honey Bees, and they’ll chase you – all of them – for an entire half-mile before they stop.

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Number Two: One of the Creepiest Insects – Army Ant

The biggest Army Ants can reach a half-inch in length, and their jaws are absolutely gigantic. These ants tend to destroy whatever gets in their way, including humans. On top of that, they’re blind, which means they don’t discriminate – they simply destroy.

Number One: Bot Fly

The bot fly almost looks cute. Almost. However, what they do is the complete opposite of cute. There are several different species of bot fly, but the human bot fly is the scariest (for us, anyway). Human bot flies lay eggs on horse-flies or mosquitoes. When the horse-fly or mosquito lands on a human, the eggs rub off onto the skin, and the human body heat triggers the eggs to hatch. The larvae then burrow into the skin and live there. You can look up videos of bot flies being removed from people’s skin, but just a warning – they might make you sick. That’s it for our list of the creepiest insects Thanks for reading!

Piotr Naskrecki
Piotr Naskrecki

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