Top 8 Countries to Pig Out



One of the most exciting parts of traveling overseas is getting to try new foods. We have compiled a list of the best countries for foodies, in terms of great value for quality food. Not only will your taste buds thank you for choosing these destinations, your wallet will too. Take a look!

Number Eight: Turkey

Turkish food has experimented an impressive growth in popularity all over the world in the last decades. It’s very easy to find döner kebap joints in all major cities in Europe and North America. Turkey has a succulent cuisine that doubles as cheap, with an average price of $4 for a meal for one.

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Number Seven: Greece

Due to the country’s ongoing economic issues, Greece remains one of the most affordable countries in Europe, especially if you stay away from the most popular islands (Santorini and Mykonos.) The Mediterranean country is a top choice for vegetarians, as most of its cuisine relies on vegetables, legumes and wheat. And it’s also delicious!

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Number Six: Vietnam

The best thing about eating in Vietnam is how low-priced food is (for the foreign visitor, at least.) A decent meal is usually no more than $2, while a three-course meal for two at a mid-range Hanoi restaurant can be as cheap as $15. The smell of noodles, fresh baked bread, rice and spices is so strong in every corner, it’s almost impossible not to indulge in binge-eating.

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Number Five: Thailand

The enormous mixture of herbs, aromas and spices makes Thai cuisine one of the most complex and savory. Budget travelers will find it fairly easy to keep their stomach full in Bangkok for just a couple of dollars a day. The key is staying away from the touristic areas.

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Number Four: India

India is another prime example of budget-friendly quality food. Indian cuisine is incredibly eclectic, and varies greatly from region to region. What each variety has in common is that they are all dedicated to spice and flavor. $1 all-you-can-eat restaurants are all over the place, and so are street vendors.

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Number Three: Italy

Who doesn’t love pizza, pasta, gnocchi and lasagna? Italian cuisine is, simply, everyone’s favorite. And, as it often happens, it tends to be better in the motherland. The largest cities, such as Rome and Venice, are full of overpriced tourist traps. Staying away from these places will save the traveler a good $15 per serving.

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Number Two: Mexico

It’s safe to say no one would ever get bored of eating Mexican food. Even the simplest of dishes (a modest chili wrap) tastes like a fiesta in your palate. Mexican food never disappoints—an average Mexican breakfast alone will fill your stomach until 3 or 4pm. Having lunch at any low cost local eatery in the country can be less than $3-4, and the dishes are copious enough to satisfy the most demanding customers.

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Number One: Spain

Spain is a foodie’s paradise. The whole Spanish culture revolves around eating, relying on lunch, dinner and “tapeo” as major social events, with “sobremesas” (the period of time once a meal is over until guests leave the table) extending for a good five or six hours. Even though it’s not as cheap as other entries on this list, eating out in Spain is still a lot more affordable than it is further north, and the possibilities are endless. Thanks for reading!

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