Top 7 World’s Worst Teachers



Everybody has that one teacher that they can’t stand. Mrs. X, Y, or Z probably singled you out once and made you feel bad. Well, these seven worst teachers went way farther than singling students out. Check out these seven horror stories of the world’s worst teachers.

Number Seven: Sperm Cookies. Los Angeles teacher Mark Berndt fed his third-grade students cookies made with his own semen on a regular basis. The 63-year-old man had been teaching for 30 years when it was discovered that he took photographs of his blindfolded students eating his “jizz cookies.”

Number Six: Floor Food. Fifth graders in New Jersey were forced to eat on the floor after they spilled water in the school’s gym. The punishment was administered by the school’s Vice Principal, Theresa Brown.

Number Five: Class Erotica. One British English teacher was fired after she self-published an erotic novel including details of her students. Interesting, the teacher, Leonora Rustamova, was supported by her students and her students’ parents, but she was fired by governors after an official hearing.

Number Four: Sticky Situation. Kenyatte Hughes, a Brooklyn-based marching band instructor, took quiet time a little too far when he decided to silence a chatty student by taping duct tape over his mouth. The teacher left the child in a room for 30 minutes with tape over his head, and Hughes was later charged with assault.

Number Three: Fresh Scent. Another teacher took cleaning to a whole new level when she decided to spray her Asian students with air freshener if they came to school smelling like curry in the mornings. The teacher, whose name was Elizabeth Davies, was later fired for “child protection concerns.”

Number Two: Total Dunce. In a horrific shaming stunt, a student was forced to wear a wide-brimmed, plastic dog collar for arriving late. The Florida teacher, Laurie Bailey-Cutkomp intended for the practice to be amusing, but administrators suspended her when they found photos of the cone on Facebook.

Number One: Bully. Finally, this teacher takes the cake for the complete and utter worst. Dru Dehart, another teacher based out of Florida, told six of her students to attack a classmate who had talked back to the teacher in question. A note to future teachers: using your own students as hitmen is probably not the best way to make friends with your faculty.

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