Top 7 World’s Most Dangerous Cities



Vacations can be fun, but if you’re planning to travel, you should check out this list of the most dangerous cities first. These cities are filled with dangerous environments, people and leaders that should be avoided at all costs. Is your city on the list? We hope not – find out below.

Number Seven: Karachi, Pakistan. Karachi is the largest city in Pakistan and incidentally the most dangerous. There is an incredibly high crime rate in this city, and though officials are working on decreasing the danger, it is still not safe to be there.

Number Six: Guatemala City, Guatemala. One of the most populated cities in Guatemala, Guatemala City is rampant with drug trafficking, sexual assault, and robbery. There is also extensive corruption in the city’s police force.

Number Five: Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. Ciudad Juarez is most well-known for its drug trafficking practices. There has been a sharp increase in crime over the past two years, and the government has not made enough of an effort to stamp it out.

Number Four: San Pedro Sula, Honduras. The murder rates in San Pedro Sula are much higher than other cities in Honduras. It is also a hub for trafficking cocaine and is second in the world in terms of violence.

Number Three: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Rio de Janeiro might be a popular vacation destination, but did you know it’s also an incredibly dangerous city? The city suffers from many thefts, murders, assaults, and rapes, and its police force has been unable to control the rise in these crimes over the past several years.

Number Two: Acapulco, Mexico. Another tourist destination, Acapulco is surprisingly dangerous to visit. Crimes like homicide and assault are extremely common, and tourists staying in resorts and hotels are especially at risk. The only redeeming factor about these statistics is that the city’s police force has increased in density in popular tourist spots.

Number One: Kabul, Afghanistan. Finally, the world’s most dangerous city is Kabul, Afghanistan. It is Afghanistan’s capital and largest city, and it is also the largest in terms of crime. The Taliban here is still very active, and kidnapping and homicide happen on an extremely regular basis. The takeaway message: don’t vacation here.

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