Top 7 World’s Coolest Starbucks Locations



Everyone has grown accustomed to the interior design and aesthetic of a Starbucks at this point. Not only will you find the signature green accents, but you’ll also see the stainless steel countertops and coffee machines, as well as the wood-trimmed furniture. However, there are a handful of amazing artists and architects who have carved out some of the best and coolest Starbucks stores in many different parts of the world. Here are the seven coolest.

Number Seven: New Orleans, Louisiana. New Orleans is one of the best places to enjoy food, music, and of course, coffee. This shop that was built on Canal Street is incredibly well put together and completely surrounded by art. This store carries a lot of the city’s history and has become an important establishment in this neighborhood and city.

Number Six: Fukuoka, Japan. Acclaimed Japanese architect Kengo Kuma decided that these interlocking wooden blocks would make it look as if the Starbucks was somehow tucked away in a tree. This seems to be a stylistic choice that he has been experimenting with for awhile, and the natural materials being used are consistent with the Shinto aesthetic often found in Japanese culture.

Number Five: Xian, China. Xian got its first Starbucks in 2007 with this uniquely constructed store. The exterior is certainly the most intriguing aspect, with its symmetric wood paneling and sharp angles. Other than that, it’s a great pit-stop when you find yourself in between the Drum and Bell Tower.

Number Four: Tukwila, Washington. Seattle, Washington may be the birthplace of Starbucks, but have you seen Tukwila’s shipping container coffee shop? This one is built with four shipping containers designed to meet those green building standards. The Pike Place Starbucks store, also known as the original Starbucks, has nothing on this place.

Number Three: New Delhi, India. India’s capital city of New Delhi had the pleasure of welcoming its first Starbucks in 2013. Theirs has specially designed food, like Mutton Seekh with Roomali Roti and Murg Makhani Pie. The interior, along with the color palette and furniture, make this one of the coolest Starbucks shops in the world.

Number Two: Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Amsterdam is quite the popular city, and it also has one of the coolest Starbucks on the planet. This shop, which used to be a bank, has been referred to as the “laboratory,” because of its desire to experiment with coffee be more innovative. One of the more interesting aspects of the store is its ceiling, which is comprised of 1,876 hand-carved wooden blocks.

Number One: Downtown Disney District, California. Disneyland is one of the world’s greatest attractions, and it doesn’t hurt to feature this 3,900 square foot Starbucks in the Downtown District. If you wish to soak in the history of Starbucks coffee, the 10-foot video installation with the interactive touch screen will do wonders for your inquisitive mind. An electronic chalk board, a green roof, and the beautiful exterior seating areas make this one reign supreme.

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