Top 7 Secret Vacation Spots You May Not Know



There are plenty of popular vacation spots all over the globe and from time to time, the lesser known spots need to be acknowledged. These are those tiny little nooks and crannies that you tend to walk right by when you’re traveling through China, Maui or Rome. To find some peace and quiet away from the loud tourists and groups of families, these spots will be a nice change of pace.

Number Seven: Victoria Beach, California. Everyone, I’m sure, is already quite familiar with Laguna Beach, but people rarely seem to bring up one of the best secret vacation spots, Victoria Beach. Being a mysterious landmark in the Southern California area, this stretch of white sand is where the residents go to escape massive crowds and gain some clarity. Some go just to marvel over the “Pirate Tower,” which is a stone turret that was built into the side of a cliff.

Number Six: Bamboo Forest, Maui. Combining two things like bamboo and forests can create a beautiful and peaceful environment to explore. However, this bamboo forest trail in Maui has a lot more than “just” the bamboo forest. Walking through this lovely forest you’ll pass by several waterfalls, one of them being the 200 foot Makahiku Falls with the “Infinity Pool” resting at the top. And when the wind begins to blow, the sounds of the bamboo stalks knocking into one each other is almost akin to music being created.

Number Five: Lakeside Beach, Prince Edward Island. Not many of us have had the luxury of visiting Prince Edward Island, but doing it through the internet is the next best thing. Being one of the best secret vacation spots you’ll ever come across, Lakeside Beach offers a nice little slice of paradise you’ll seldom be able to experience anywhere else. Though its nearby golf course is slowly starting to become more and more trendy, which means this beach may not be secret for much longer.

Number Four: Peng Chau Island, Hong Kong. Everyone else will be getting lost in the glorious land of Hong Kong, while you can take a ferry to the historic Peng Chau Island. Originally established as a rural island, it’s now known for its exotic temples as well as its delicious, fresh seafood. You won’t find Peng Chau Island to be overly crowded or littered with tourists, take your time and enjoy the solitude and fresh air.

Number Three: Piazza Navona, Rome. There is no argument that Piazza Navona is one of the most famous and beautiful of Rome’s many squares, but why is it on this list of secret vacation spots? It still is one of the least talked about destination spots among Americans so it is definitely worth discussing. The piazza was built on the site of the Stadium of Domitian, in 1st century AD, and during its history it hosted many theatrical events and various ephemeral activities.

Number Two: Old Phuket Town, Thailand. Ah, the Old Phuket Town in Thailand sure has a lot of personality and it is definitely a must-see when exploring unfamiliar territory. There are all kinds of temples and shrines to enjoy (both Buddhist and Chinese), delicate little cafés and shophouses, quaint cafés and so much more.

Number One: Secret Cove, Lake Tahoe. The gorgeous atmosphere of Lake Tahoe will always make it a staple in the vacation spot list, but Secret Cove is a real site to behold. For one, it’s name pretty much says it all, and secondly, it is always super clean. Naturists and locals have taken it upon themselves to maintain this area and keep it in perfect condition, free of trash and anything undesirable.

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