Top 7 Safest Cities in the World



Whether you’re considering moving to another country or simply planning your next trip, you might be wondering which are the safest cities to visit, especially if you are traveling alone. These are the safest cities in the world according to 2015’s EIU Safest Cities Index. Is yours in the list? Keep reading!

Number Seven: Zurich

Switzerland has a very law abiding and respectful society. Other than being the 7th safest city in the world, it’s also ahead on the ranking in terms of safety perception—Zurich citizens feel more secure in their own city than almost anyone else in Europe.  In addition, Switzerland’s exceptional healthcare system makes its capital one of the best places to live in.

Number Six: Sydney

Despite being the largest and most populated city in Australia, Sydney maintains a sense of community few other capitals in the world have. Its excellent infrastructures are aimed at encouraging walking and biking, and preserving a beach lifestyle among its citizens, which help keep the city safe.

Number Five: Amsterdam

Amsterdam is one of the smallest out of the big cities in Europe in terms of size and population. As a result, it’s much safer than its big sisters Berlin, Paris and Madrid, to name a few. The Netherland’s capital city is one of the most relaxed and laid-back in the continent, which adds to a sense of peace and tranquility.

Number Four: Stockholm

Traditionally, the more north you travel in Europe, the safest you’ll be, especially when it comes to pickpocketing and home invasions. The Swedish capital is a prime example of safety and quality of life. Stockholm has been named one of the best cities for families and children.

Number Three: Osaka

Japan is the safest country in the world, and its crime rate keeps decreasing year after year. Osaka, the third largest city in the country, embodies the overall sense of serenity and security Japan is famous for. It’s common for Japanese people to leave their personal belongings (including laptops, cell phones and cameras) unattended at public spaces, because they know no one will steal them.

Osaka Castle, Japan

Number Two: Singapore

The Southeast Asian city has a very strict law enforcement policy. Until 2004, chewing gum was forbidden in public areas, and littering is completely frown upon today. In fact, if police officers catch you spitting or throwing trash out in the street, you will be fined up to $1,000. Crime is also taken very seriously, and the wellbeing of Singapore’s citizens is a major concern for government representatives.

Number One: Tokyo

Anyone who’s ever been to Tokyo knowns you could be carrying $3k in cash in a transparent, completely open backpack, and no one would steal a bill from you. Tokyo is so safe if you drop your wallet, it will get shipped back to you along with a thank you note and a bag of the best nori in town. Despite the presence of the Yakuza, the Japanese capital has one of the lowest crime and homicide rates in the world, and it’s one of the most secure for solo travelers. Thanks for reading!

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