Top 7 Reasons Why You Should Drink More Rum



Rum is one of the best alcoholic beverages of all time. If you’re not a fan, well you’re doing life wrong. It’s delicious, dates back to the olden days, and will get you feeling good much faster than that light beer you’re drinking. Here are the top seven reasons why you should really be drinking more rum.

Number Seven: Rum Is Classy

Forget those trashy beers of college. Put down that awful light beer and pick up a tumbler glass with a hefty swig of rum in it. Whether you top it off with Coke or pineapple juice, you just added so much class to yourself it’s unreal.

Number Six: Pirates Drank It

Honestly, if none of the other reasons get you to drink more rum, this one should. It was the go-to drink for every single pirate back in the day. And really, what is cooler than being a pirate? Drinking like one.

Number Five: It’s The New Gin And Tonic

Sure, gin and tonics were cool for a bit there, but rum is the new, trendy drink of choice – especially with ginger beer! Stop making bad decisions and switch up your usual drink for a rum and ginger, or take it straight like a champ.

Number Four: It Makes Everything Better

It really does make everything better. Music, dingy bars, your Tinder date. These are all things that will become immensely better as soon as you start drinking some sweet, delicious rum.

Number Three: It Has A Higher Alcohol Content

It will take an outrageous amount of those light beers you keep drinking to get you feeling good, which means a lot of empty calories. Stop wasting your hard work at the gym on drinks that taste terrible anyways. Have some tropical alcohol instead.

Number Two: You Get To Pose Like Captain Morgan

Because everyone who is anyone knows who Captain Morgan is and the pose he is famous for. Drinking it gives you an excuse to crack the pose whenever you feel like it. You basically are Captain Morgan when you’re drinking spiced rum.

Number One: It’s Delicious

Rum tastes so much better than a majority of the drinks out there, so stop torturing yourself with drinks that make your stomach turn or your face scrunch up. Fill that cup with some of the sweet stuff and you’ll be transported straight to the tropics. There you have it. All the reasons you should drink more rum. So, what are you waiting for? Head to your local shop and pick yourself up a bottle right now. You won’t regret it. Thanks for reading!

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