Top 7 Popular Language-Learning Apps You Should Know



Learning a language is a useful way to spend your time. Whether your goal is to travel and be understood, or increase your business options by becoming bilingual, knowing more than one language is a plus that is undeniably beneficial. This pursuit is time consuming and expensive unless you are aware of free resources for doing it.

Number Seven: Duolingo

Duolingo is less focused on grammar than other apps, and it’s specifically designed like this to help you pick up the language as fast as possible. It allows you to progress using a grading system. I’ve used this myself for learning Swedish and thought it was great.

Number Six: Babbel

This focuses on encouraging users to learn and repeat different phrases. The goal system will help you get fluent and start at $11 a month. A fair price to pay for increasing your efficiency of communication in a foreign tongue.

Number Five: Memrise

Memrise uses 15-minute sessions to teach you languagesĀ and offers many options. You can choose between free or paid courses. Choose between courses focused on learning individual words or phrases and get to a conversational level fast.

Number Four: Busuu

Busuu is unique in that it’s a social network option for your language-learning needs. Download it today and be on your way to becoming bilingual.

Number Three: Rosetta Stone

Everyone has heard of Rosetta Stone, but not everyone knows that they have an app. This program uses proven methods for easy and effective learning.

Number Two: AnkiApp

AnkiApp focuses on flashcard learning to help you get familiar with languages that use characters instead of words. You get to learn at your own pace with this app.

Number One: MindSnacks

Not only does MindSnacks help you learn phrases in other tongues, but it will also teach you a bit about different cultures as well. In our modern society, gaining knowledge is easy and free. Utilizing the power of the internet is the best way to take education into your own hands. We hope this article opened your eyes to a few different options for accomplishing your language goals, and thanks for reading.

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