Top 7 Most Expensive Jets of Hollywood Actors



It comes a time when millionaire actors realize commercial flying is not for them. We recently talked about some of the most expensive celebrity planes out there, and now we are focusing on the seven most expensive jets that belong to Hollywood actors. You will be shocked to find out how much these performers paid for their incredibly lavish guilty pleasures!

Number Seven: Harrison Ford

Ford is a licensed pilot for private fixed-wing aircrafts and helicopters. He often puts his flying skills to good use on rescue and emergency missions. The actor crashed a helicopter in 1999 and recently crashed his vintage Ryan ST monoplane in a golf course in Santa Monica due to engine malfunction. He still has a $18 million Cessna 680 to cry in, though.

Number Six: Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan, China’s fourth-richest celebrity, is a brand ambassador for Brazilian aircraft maker Embraer. As the face of the company, he often receives state-of-the-art private jets as gifts from the brand. His last acquisition? A $30 million customized Embraer Legacy 650 he got in early 2016.

Number Five: Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise has a passion for expensive jets. Cruise has a vast collection of vintage and modern jets, including a luxury, $36 million Gulfstream IV SP—a favorite among business magnates and Hollywood stars.

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Number Four: Arnold Schwarzenegger

The bodybuilder turned actor turned politician owns a $38 million Gulfstream III he purchased in 2011. Before that, Schwarzenegger used to have a Gulfstream IV he kept at Santa Monica’s municipal airport until local councilors decided to ban private jets from using the airport in 2008.

Number Three: Mel Gibson

The actor and director is estimated to spend around $7.2 million a year on living expenses, which doesn’t even include his private jet’s maintenance budget. Gibson owns one of the longest range and most versatile private jets on the market; a $40 million Gulfstream V.

Number Two: One of the Most Expensive Jets – Jim Carrey

Carrey’s long and successful acting career has left him with a very convenient $150 million net worth. The Canadian actor went from living inside a Volkswagen Camper with his family at 12 years old to owning his very own private jet—a Gulfstream V, for which he paid $59 million.

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Number One: John Travolta

Travolta will always come first when discussing celebrities’ private jets. The actor and certified pilot has a remarkable airplane collection, which he keeps in his very own hangar and runway outside his Florida home. His most notable and expensive aircraft is a 1964 mid-size Boeing 707 that used to belong to Qantas. We hope you enjoyed our list!

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