Top 7 Facts About the World’s Dirtiest Man



You’ll be craving a shower after you read this – meet Amou Haji, the world’s dirtiest man. He’s 80, he’s from Iran, and we’ve got seven facts about him that will either make you cringe or make you abandon society and live like him. Judge for yourself below.

Number Seven: He Had a Troubled Childhood. Haji claims to have suffered “emotional setbacks” in his youth, which eventually led to his decision to live the way he does. However, he failed to mention just what those emotional setbacks were. Maybe he got bubble bath in his eyes one too many times.

Number Six: He Eats Dead Porcupines. “Who can go wrong with a diet of rotten porcupine meat?” said nobody ever. Haji scavenges for dead animals to keep up his lifestyle of filth. We’ve never had porcupine, let alone rotting porcupine, but it doesn’t sound too appetizing.

Number Five: He Lives in a Grave-Like Hole. Though it might not sound so comfortable, Haji lives in a hole within an isolated part of Iran’s Dejgah village. The village is located in the southern part of Iran. Described as “grave-like,” the hole partially shelters him from the weather.

Number Four: But Sometimes, He Lives in a Brick Shack. Though he calls his hole home, he also has the option of a small brick shack for shelter. We’re guessing he prefers whichever spot is dirtier.

Number Three: He Cuts His Hair by Burning it. Did you really expect him to use scissors to cut his hair? Instead of the standard method, Haji cuts his hair by burning it off with fire.

Number Two: He Hasn’t Bathed in 60 Years. Claiming that cleanliness will bring him sickness, Haji hasn’t showered in 60 years since he was 20. At least, he’s saving water!

Number One: He Smokes Animal Poop. Though he is prone to smoke five cigarettes at a time, Haji also smokes animal feces. Looks like this guy is dirty on both the outside and the inside. While his lifestyle might seem eccentric (at the very least), he seems to be living a happy life and will likely continue to do so until he dies. And we think there’s nothing wrong with that.

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