Top 7 Most Dangerous Cities in America



Not often thought of as a ‘dangerous country’ , The USA attracts millions in tourists and immigrants every year. With trouble in the middle East and sister continent South America having the shadier of reputations , the USA gets away scot-free with regards to how treacherous it can really be. In some cases not all is revealed, with a number of places in the States being lined up among the most menacing in the world. Who would have thought it huh? Here are the top seven most dangerous cities in the good ol’ US of A.

Number Seven: Stockton, California

Universally known for the shiny teeth and deep tans of the Hollywood elite, California also has a very sinister side. A long way from the hay days of the gold rush, Stockton was hit hard in the recession and recently became the second largest city in the United States to file for bankruptcy. Often included in such lists as ‘most miserable city’ , ‘most illiterate’ and ‘highest obesity rate’ Stockton doesn’t serve well in the crime department either, which is well above the national average. With unemployment rates high and a strong link between violence and those without jobs, desperate times unfortunately lead to desperate measures.

Number Six: Baltimore, Maryland

Baltimore certainly has a reputation, not just in the USA but around the world. In 2014 there were 211 murders committed in Baltimore alone, making it the seventh highest for homicides in the country. The city also has a high robbery rate, especially in property crime and a shocking ratio of a one in sixteen chance of being a victim of a crime. Baltimore certainly lives up to its status.

Number Five: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

‘Beer capital’ of the world Milwaukee, is also one of the poorest cities in the country. With violent crime on the rise in recent years it is no surprise to see Milwaukee infiltrate the top ten. With over hundred homicides in 2013 and more than 16,000 robberies, Milwaukee had the 15th most murders in the country.

Number Four: St. Louis, Missouri

Gone are the days of Judy Garland with St.Louis entering in at number four, with the highest number of murder cases per 100,000 than in any other city in America. As well as a high number of robberies and violent crime, the percentage of rape in the city scarily jumped by a huge 60% in 2013.

Number Three: Bridgeport, Connecticut

With a high level of gang activity and youth crime, things got so bad that In 2012, then Mayor Bill Finch imposed a curfew on young people to crack down the crime riddled streets. However since then there have been calls to have it revised with parents of sadly deceased children claiming “A lot of people do not know there is a curfew and that is something we really need to work on,”. With a number of other cities in Connecticut also among the most dangerous cites in America and drug trafficking on the rise, it is worrying for what the future holds for the Constitution state.

Number Two: Notoriously Dangerous Detroit, Michigan

Infamous throughout the world, Detroit has always had a shady reputation. Fortunately things are on the up with an influx of money and dedication going into the once booming city. However, despite crime dropping in the city, Detroit still remains dangerous with poverty and income levels among the worst in the whole country. In 2014 there was a whopping 298 murders reported with also a huge number of aggravated assaults. Hopefully due to the country finally taking notice of what is happening there, the city will outgrow its problems and eventually reach the standard for what it once was and not for what it is now.

Number One: Camden, New Jersey

Like Connecticut , New Jersey also has a number of cities that are notoriously dangerous. However it is Camden that takes the top spot due to its extraordinarily high crime rate compared to its population of only 75,000. Plagued by poverty, homelessness and drugs, Camden also a high number of gangs and youth crime. With a reported 1 in 13 chance of becoming a victim to a crime, it is sad to see this once thriving city so neglected and forgotten.

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