Top 7 Coolest and Weirdest Theme Parks in the World



Everyone enjoys a sunny weekend with friends or family at a cool theme park. Six Flags, Universal Studios and Disneyland Resort are the most popular in the world, but we have decided to push them aside and focus on some of the coolest, most bizarre little known theme parks around the planet. Some of these will definitely surprise you. Take a look!

Number Seven: BonBon-Land

This Danish 34-acre park is not one of the coolest theme parks in terms of quality and quantity of attractions, but it is the best option for those who relish on scatological humor. The park developed from an unconventional candy factory which used names such as “ear wax” and “seagull droppings” for their products. BonBon-Land opened its doors in 1992 with the same philosophy—using raunchy humor and satire to attract visitors.

Number Six: Ferrari World

Located in Abu Dhabi, this amusement park is solely dedicated to the Italian car manufacturer. It’s also the largest indoor theme park in the world, and its unique structure is more than enough to blow your mind! The recreational area holds five roller coasters and almost 20 family-friendly rides.

Number Five: Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise

Yokohama’s Sea Paradise, one of the most popular pay-as-you-go theme parks in Japan, is a thrilling combination of roller coasters, family rides and aquariums—all in the same place. One of the most exciting attractions in Sea Paradise is a boat ride among dolphins!

Number Four: Everland Theme Park

Similarly to the previous entry, Everland Resort, located in South Korea, is also an amusement park and a zoo, all at once. Wooden roller coasters, top spins and bumper cars meet penguins, lions and polar bears. A safari ride is also available, as well as a petting and riding zoo for the littlest ones.

Number Three: Dickens World

Imagine stepping into Victorian England. Now imagine riding a rotten wooden boat through a filthy sewer full of beggars, enslaved orphans and rats (animatronics, or so they claim.) If it sounds like a dream, all you have to do is purchase a plane ticket to Kent, England!

Number Two: Crocosaurus Cove

This is not a park for the fainthearted. The Crocosaurus Cove features some of Australia’s deadliest reptiles. Its main attraction? The Cage of Death—a transparent underwater container that submerges visitors individually into a tank… just inches from a 16-foot crocodile!

Number One: Diggerland

Out of all the theme parks we have come across, Diggerland takes the price as the oddest, and it’s exactly what is sounds like: a playground for adults and children to drive, ride and operate huge diggers. The park became so popular it now has four different locations in the UK, and a fifth in New Jersey. Thanks for reading!

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