Top 6 Greatest Thieves of All Time That You Never Heard Of



Top 6 Greatest Thieves of All Time

In this day and age of technology and global surveillance, it is almost impossible for thieves to get away with a crime as tricky as robbery. We said almost impossible, because there are still some thieves who pulled off some big heists and got away with them. In this article, we will list six such people who stole large amounts of cash or objects of value, and did not suffer any consequences.

Number Six: French Vacuum Gang

These thieves stuck to the basics. They have been funneling out cash from supermarket safes using nothing more than a drill and a modified vacuum cleaner. Instead of breaching the safe, these guys drilled into the delivery tubes and hooked up a powerful vacuum to suction out the money. Genius! As of 2011, these people have stolen $800,000 in 15 heists and have not been caught.

Number Five: The 2010 Credit Lyonnais Thieves

Some thieves broke into a Central Lyonnais bank on March 30th, 2010. The bank was being renovated and so, it was vacated except one guard. The thieves entered the safe via the bank’s basement from a neighboring cellar. They emptied over a hundred safety deposit boxes and set fire to the premises to destroy any evidence. They are still at large.

Number Four: Carl Gugasian

This guy had been practicing robberies since he was a teenager. He has robbed 45 banks, armed and in night time just minutes before closing time. He was arrested when two boys found his cache and reported it. It contained the stolen money, weapons and the face masks he used while robbing.

Number Three: Paris Modern Art Burglar

A lone thief broke into the Paris Museum of Modern Art in May 2010 by smashing a window and stole paintings worth £100 million. The guards were present in the building and didn’t hear any noise. They didn’t even notice any missing paintings until 7am the next day!

Number Two: Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum Thieves

On March 18th, 1990 two men disguised as Boston police officers entered the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum and stole artwork worth $500,000,000. They gained entry by telling the other guards that they were responding to a call. Once in, they handcuffed the guards and stole many of the paintings. They haven’t been found ever since.

Number One: Albert Spaggiari

Albert Spaggiari made his first robbery at the age of 15. He was convicted and then he served in the French military followed by owning a photographic studio. He then relapsed to his life of crime and planned a break-in at the Societe Generale Bank. He dug a tunnel leading to the bank’s safe with the help of some gangsters from Marseille. They broke into the bank during a Bastille Day festival when the bank was closed. They stole 60million francs worth of money and other valuables. He was caught later but escaped during his trial by distracting the judge. He handed him a fake piece of evidence and jumped out the window where a motorbike was waiting for him.

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